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I have decided to give my blog a little overhaul!

I will no longer JUST be reviewing books...nope I'm adding on Reviews of subscription boxes because they are my new addiction!

Do to hectic schedules and loads of reviews to be done I am not taking on any book review requests at this time.

I can not guarantee that we will be able to review your book. Thanks!

Just a little tid bit of info

When I write a review I like to keep them short, sweet and to the point. Mainly because I hate reading reviews that go on and on .... ect. I have read many reviews that are very long and seemed to just keep saying the same thing over. So when I read a review I want to know did they like? why? would they recommend it? I will always include the synopsis of the book so you can get a good feel for it.

I'd also like to say at the moment I am not reviewing any more paranormal or young adult.


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  1. I'd love to know when you're taking on reviews again. Sexy Romance & Paranormal Comedy. It's getting 5 Star reviews, but I'm always looking for more... :-) 1st book in the series introducing the characters, how they met, became romantically involved & their 1st project as a team. This book is about 40,000 words (novella) with all future books in the series to be at least 60k words. E-book & Audio. WHEN you feel like you can take on a review for me, you can check out the book at:
    If I don't hear from you before next year, I hope your holidays are great! :-)