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Friday, October 9, 2015

Review Tryst by S.L. Jenning

From the author of Taint, comes this steamy novel of a happily married couple who decides to take a walk on the wild side in order to add spice to their sex life—but end up in a situation that neither could have ever bargained for. 

Heidi DuCane is a tough-as-nails publicist with a passion for success and her husband Tucker. While they’re polar opposites, what they do have in common is a fierce love and commitment to each other. But their relationship—in and out of the bedroom—will be put to the ultimate test. 

Rock superstar Ransom Reed is every woman’s fantasy, including Heidi’s. When she meets Ransom, she shares a wild night with him where Heidi gets to play—and Tucker watches, and enjoys, the pleasure Ransom gives Heidi. Though Tucker was a willing participant, Heidi still can’t help reeling with guilt. There’s no doubt that she loves her husband. While Tucker is the perfect lover—generous, attentive and gentle—she needs much more. She needs the mind-blowing ecstasy Ransom offers.

Tucker isn’t blind to the fact that Heidi has unconventional needs which he can’t satisfy. He loves his wife and will do anything to please her The night he watched her and Ransom was so scorching hot that Tucker can’t stop thinking about it. He decides he wants to join Ransom in pleasing Heidi. But as Tucker and Heidi soon realize, it’s not just the sex that is enticing. Heidi felt something within her awaken, and she felt so deliciously sated and loved by both men. Tucker felt it too, and he finds it impossible not to want that feeling again. 

Ransom and Tucker satisfy a need within Heidi. And now that she’s had them, she can never go back to the way things were before.

4.25 Stars

Truthfully if I had read the synopsis of Tryst... I can't honestly say I would have read the book. That being said I'm glad I did. It is one of the most entertaining books I have read lately. I can't say it is anything I would normally get into... the relationships and way the couple did things isn't anythingI would agree with, do or even think about doing. But I think thats what made it interesting to read. I didn't care much for Heidi... which normally if you don't like the main character the book tends to be a wash.. but that isn't the case with Tryst for me...  while I didn't like Heidi and couldn't understand her need or want for Ransom it didn't take away from my enjoyment. Tucker... seriously I don't think there was a ever a more perfect male character ever written.... Which is I guess where my dislike for Heidi stems from... I just didn't get it. These characters are all so very complex and well written it is hard not to get sucked into the story and totally forget about your surroundings.

About the Author

Military wife, mother of 3 boys, and author of The Dark Light Series & Fear of Falling.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Begging for It by Lilah Pace Review

The provocative author of Asking for It once again explores the dark side of erotic obsession, and the secrets that make it as dangerous as it is irresistible.

Some secrets should only be shared in the dark.

Jonah and Vivienne’s erotic bond—living out raw scenarios of captivity and force—began as no-strings sex between strangers who shared the same desires. Now the intimacy between them is turning into love, but it’s a love built on fantasies so extreme that exploring them makes guilt inescapable. But the risks they're taking are far more dangerous than they'd imagined.

A stalker is terrorizing the city, and one of Jonah’s ex-lovers names him as a potential suspect to the police. Standing by a man under suspicion could cost Vivienne everything. But when Jonah’s stepfather takes advantage of the scandal to seize control of the Marks family fortune, Vivienne is drawn into her lover’s broken family and twisted past. Only then will she learn how dark the truth really is...

Review 4 Stars

I didn't think I'd like this series.... But a few book friends just kept talking
about which of course leaves a book lover intrigued. So I took the leap... I was
scared. I've never read anything similar and just didn't know what to expect.
With Vivienne you can kind of understand where her need comes from as well as
with Jonah. Doesn't mean some of the scenes were difficult or easy to get
through. But I don't think they're meant to be. It reminds you that you can
never really understand what people or going through or why they do what they
do. I don't know if I'd ever read another story like this. I don't know if the
situations could be handled with such care as they were in Asking and Begging
for it. This would be the series to start with and try if your curious. 

About the Author

Lilah Pace is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author, so she can’t give away too much about herself here, but she has lived everywhere from Italy to the United Kingdom before putting down roots in the American South.
She’s addicted to Diet Coke, loves her dog, and daydreams about several British movie stars (though usually no more than two at a time).
And while it took her a long while to get up the courage to write books, now she hopes she’ll never stop.