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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Midnight Captive Releasing!~~~ Exclusive excerpt!!

So as you all know we are in the process of closing on our house and moving... as well as having two boys in baseball so my life right now is like BEYOND hectic and i haven't gotten a chance to read Midnight Captive yet (totally bummed about that) so I have included my review of Midnight Action the last book in the series. 

Enjoy! And don't miss out on the awesome series!



“Get back in the car,” he said sternly.
Bailey glared at him. “No.” Shoulders rigid, she turned toward the open passenger window and addressed her colleague. “Thanks for the assist today. I owe you one.”
Then, to Sean’s dismay, she tapped the window frame to signal Rafe to drive, and the tight-lipped bastard actually did, leaving the smell of oil and car exhaust in his wake.
“Damn it,” Sean burst out. “Get the fuck out of here, Bailey. I don’t need you.”
“Yes, you do.” She folded her arms, anger coloring her tone. “You’re still playing games, but I know something is wrong. I know you.”
The volatile emotions bubbling inside him spilled over like a volcanic eruption. “What, you think because you’ve had my cock inside you that it means you know me? Think again, luv.”
His crude words brought a flush to her cheeks, and her expression went stricken. He knew she was thinking about their night together. The way he’d filled her. Fucked her. And now he was thinking about it too, the sheer perfection of her hot pussy clamped around him, her nails raking down his back as she moaned in abandon.
Sean’s gaze dropped to her mouth, those pale pink lips that had so eagerly kissed him that night.
But of course she’d been eager. She’d thought she was kissing Oliver, for Christ’s sake. He’d been making love to Bailey that night, but she sure as hell hadn’t been making love to him.
“You don’t know me,” he said flatly. “You were never interested in knowing me, and I don’t want you here.”
“Well, too bad, because I’m not going anywhere.”
Sean struggled to control his frustration. He’d known she was stubborn, but seeing that muleheadedness firsthand made him want to strangle her.
“I’m serious. Starting now, I’m your fucking shadow, Sean. I won’t—”
“He has Ollie.”
Bailey froze. “Rabbit?”
Sean pressed his fists against his sides, pissed off that he’d caved. No, that she’d broken him.

My Review of Midnight Action

She’s got a broken heart...
and a fully loaded arsenal....

Ex–army ranger Jim Morgan leads a team of elite mercenaries, but eighteen years ago in Paris, he was part of a black ops unit whose mission was to hunt down a rogue operative. In order to trap the criminal, Jim seduced Noelle, the man’s daughter—a ruthless act that cost him the love of his life and turned her into a mortal enemy. Now he can’t trust her, but he still desires her. He also needs her help....

Older, wiser, and unwilling to play the fool again, Noelle runs a group of highly skilled assassins. And she’s just been offered the hit of the century: Eliminate Jim Morgan. History gives them no reason to trust each other, but with their lives in jeopardy at the hands of a common enemy, the lines between love and hate are soon blurred. Now Noelle and Jim must face the past if they want to have a future—let alone a future together.

4 Stars

Going into Midnight Action I was a little was book 5 in a series.. and I hadn't read the other 4 books! This is not something I would normally do.. but Jessica over at Penguin had so much enthusiasm in her email about this book, I really couldn't NOT read it. I don't know how much Noelle and Morgan are featured in previous books, but I truly believe this one can be read as a stand alone (AND SHOULD BE READ). Now if you want to read the whole kit and caboodle feel free and I can say with utmost certainty they are probably all worth the read. Midnight Action has many intricate pieces all woven together so perfectly to create this amazing and heart pounding tale.  I was dying to find out why these previous sweethearts were now tone cold enemies! How do you get from love to hate? And what happens when you have 19 years to let that hate fester? SOOO MUCH GOODNESS!!  There is a lot going on in Midnight Action  so I beg you to pay close attention to you don't miss out on anything! And just a tiny bit of info before I go and leave you to hopefully read Midnight Action for yourself.. there is some SLIGHT M/M  in Midnight Action ( again I don't know if this is a common theme in the series) but it's not in your face and was done really well.. so even if it's not your thing (it's not mine) I still believe you would really enjoy this story.

About the Author

A RITA-award nominated author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently publishes with Harlequin Romantic Suspense, Harlequin Blaze, Samhain Publishing, and NAL. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

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