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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love With Food August Review

Love With Food- $10/Month
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What is Love With Food? (From Love With Foods Website)
Love With Food helps you discover new organic or all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. Their subscription membership starts as low as $10/month. Every month, Love With Food members will receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find tasty snacks which varies based on seasonal themes.

For every box sold, thee donate a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength - No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!

First look

This is my first Love With Food box, and it was FREE all I had to do was pay $2.00 shipping. So needless to say I'm excited about digging into it! I can't resist a deal!

Crispy Cheddar Crackers by Back to Nature

Yumo! taste exactly like a Cheez-it!  It says savor the taste you loved as a kid but with out all the junk.  Well it for sure taste just like I remembered, I seriously haven't had a Cheez-it in forever. With my new healthier lifestyle I think these make a good fit!

(Sorry about the horrible photo!)

Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning Potato Chips by Covered Bridge

The picture is awful I know... but hopefully the chips are not! I'm saving these for my hubby because he is a self proclaimed chip connoisseur (HAHA). But seriosuly I'm trying to lay off these kind of salty snack BUT i do totally plan on stealing 1...or 2. Its larger then a normal snack size bag but looks like it can be easily eaten in one sitting.

Kettle Sweet Peanuts by Love With Food.

Umm.. can they read my mind? Salty & Sweet is like my kryptonite. i couldn't resist these if I tried!

Cinnamon Grahams by Skeeter Nut Free

Nut Free isn't an issue in my house, but it is at my sons school. So I totally would buy these for birthday hand outs and what not. The kids devoured this bag mighty fast.. so I guess that speaks for itself.

Nutty Rice Bites with Blueberries by 180 Snacks

I'm a rice cake JUNKIE.. weird right? These are like NIRVANA for me. So much better then a rice cake. Crispy and sweet just plain delicious. 

Pineapple+Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze!

Vegan dairy free pop. Hmm well I don't care for Pineapple or Coconut.. BUT my mom totally claimed this as soon as she saw it, it is currently in our freezer so she can eat... I'll let you know what she thinks!


Lollipops by Yumearth 
Salty Caramel Apple Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road
Salty Peanut Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road

Kids LOVED the Lollipops, when I asked their opinions they said they're yummy and tasted like Cherry and Blueberry. Though the actual flavors were Googly Grape and StrawberrySmash.. but they're 7 and 9 haha The taffy didn't go over as well.. we split it I took a bite and they finished them I didn't get a whole lot of flavor from them. 

That's it! I think Love With Food is a totally awesome concept and I hope they sell lots of boxes so they can donate a ton of meals!

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