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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forever Loved Review & giveaway

“How do I tell the woman I love that I fathered a son with a prostitute?”

After four long years of separation, Gavin has finally reunited with his childhood love Corabelle. She’s forgiven him for leaving her during the funeral of their seven-day-old baby, and also for where he ended up — in Mexico to get a vasectomy.

A message from Rosa, a prostitute he met the day of his surgery, brings his life to a crashing halt. She claims Gavin has fathered a son, now three years old and living with her cousin in Ensenada. He doesn’t know if he can trust Rosa, who never mentioned the boy before, or if his delicate reconciliation with Corabelle can withstand the shock if it is true.

Corabelle believes their future together is the right thing despite their past. But when she learns of this other child, the one thing she lost long ago and might never have again with Gavin, Corabelle’s faith that her life will ever follow her old dream is shattered. To make things right for Gavin and his son, she just might have to let go of the only person she always believed would be her forever love.

Forever Loved is the heart-wrenching conclusion to the passionate story that began with Forever Innocent.

5 stars

How do you tell the woman you love that? Truthfully that is a question that could never be answered the right way, it would depend on the girl, the relationship and their history. And in the case of Corabelle and Gavin it will be extra difficult. Corabelle is in the hospital recovering from her "accident" and maybe finally coming to terms with Finns death, but when her parents show up they are less then enthused to find Gavin by her side. But as we know from the synopsis that is going to be the least of their problems. Is the boy his? Will Corabelle stand by him? Will the news be the final thing that breaks her? Well I am not going to tell you what I will tell you is do not let the synopsis throw you off THIS IS A LOVE STORY look at the title if you need reassurance. Sometimes love just has a really long hard road. Corabelle and Gavin have that kind of love, they have already suffered the unimaginable but they still have work to do, they still need to learn to trust they need to be able to overcome the challenges they face, if this had been just a happy happy book, I wouldn't have wanted to read it because I NEED that drama and uncertainty to keep me entertained. I just beg you to overcome your fears and READ it, IT IS WORTH IT.

About the Author

Deanna Roy is the author of several novels that are classified as "two-hankie reads." They include her bestseller FOREVER INNOCENT, about a couple who rediscovers their love four years after the death of their premature baby, and STELLA & DANE, about a couple who finds their new-found love put to the ultimate test after a bar fight, and BABY DUST, about five women who become friends after their miscarriages.

Deanna is a powerful advocate for Baby Loss Moms and most of her books touch on this topic. She is the founder of and hosts numerous public and private support groups both online and in person.

You can follow Deanna and read pre-release sneak peeks and free ebooks on her private list.Subscribe! 

Deanna also writes a series of books for middle grade readers under the name D.D. Roy, including JINNIE WISHMAKER and MARCUS MENDER.

She's pretty easy to spot on Facebook and Twitter, and yup, she's even on MySpace.

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