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Monday, December 23, 2013

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 26 Kristi Ayers Chayton Swift

Darian Moon would give anything to be close to Jonas again. Despite reassurances from a friend that her late boyfriend is still around, she is willing to sacrifice everything to be with him, even her own life...
Two forces, motivated by different goals, wage a battle for her heart and soul, leaving Darian to decide which route to take in order to get back to the boy whose soul will not cross over until she finds another who will earn from her, a one petal flower.

Book Boyfriend Bio
Chayton Swift is a nineteen-year old Native American who lives in Oklahoma with his grandfather and younger sister. He likes to sing with his band at a local bar and grill, and generally keep on the right side of the road of life. He feels instantly protective of his neighbor's teenage granddaughter, Darian, after she moves in with Violet. He ends up using his ability to talk to ghosts to help her cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Jonas. Through Jonas, Chayton ends up falling for Darian and wants to help her get past her raw and painful despair. He embraces his Native American roots and uses certain herbs, oils, and stones to protect Darian from the dark side of the afterlife, yet she is drawn to what can hurt her the most, Chayton's charismatic enemy: a revenant. He ends up sacrificing everything he holds dear in the name of what is right.

About the Author

Kristi Ayers is the author of One Petal Flower, a young adult paranormal romance novel. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two kids. When she isn't writing she is investigating the paranormal.

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