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Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 5 Catou Martines Josh Hansen

Heather Redmond spent three years hiding from the world, her innocence lost and faith shattered.

She’s mastered the art of forgetting the past. Now she’s ready to face the future. College is on the horizon, and she’s enjoying a quiet summer in LA.

The last thing she’s prepared for is a hot guy jumping into her convertible while she's stopped at a traffic light.

Josh Hansen is Heather's opposite. He's fearless and sexy, racing through life on his motorcycle. And he always takes a leap when Fate gives him a wink. He can't resist the wide-eyed, pretty blonde who seems afraid of the world.

Josh is determined to push Heather's boundaries, body and soul. She's afraid of her awakening feelings, and wants to take things one step at a time, but Josh isn’t used to driving in the slow lane, and soon they are speeding into passion and love.

When their darkest secrets come to light, Heather and Josh are forced to confront the painful past and either find forgiveness, or lose their love forever.

GENRE: New Adult Contemporary Romance. Ages 17 +

Interview with Josh Hansen from Heartless, by Kate Thomas

KT: In the book Heartless, you said the following,

“I haven’t had the smoothest life but somehow I’ve ended up an optimist. I figure if I keep believing Fate is good to me then it will be. Like Heather’s ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude. You have to know what you want before what you want knows how to find you.”

How do you maintain such a good outlook on life after all you’ve been through?

<Josh laughs>

JH: I get asked that a lot. Look, I might be young, but I know that life is short. You’ve gotta be efficient with your misery and sadness. Like, feel it, but move on as quickly as you can. You don’t want to miss out on the good stuff because you’re ruminating about the bad.

KT: Easier said than done, don’t you think?

JH: Yeah, of course. But so worth the effort. We all get caught up in the bad stuff, it’s normal. But the longer we dwell on it, the more good stuff we’re missing out on. If you’re looking down at the garbage in the gutter you miss the sunset, you know? 

KT: Were you born with this way of looking at life or did you learn it along the way?

JH: I give all the credit to my mom. She went through some tough crap but she never gave up on love, never gave up on me. No matter what. And she taught me that. So when I met Heather, I knew what love looked and felt like, even if she’d forgotten. I knew I’d never give up on her. We had to work through her bad stuff, mine too, to get to the love underneath, but it was worth it. So worth it. Love’s as big as the sky, big enough to hold everything. Love’s the whole enchilada, man. It’s what we’re here for.

<Kate laughs>

KT: Okay, okay.  You’re optimism is infectious. Do you have any advice for readers out there who are struggling with the ‘bad stuff’?

JH: Look at everyone and try to see them fully. Know that their hurt and defensiveness is just the top layer of who they are. Underneath all that is so much love just waiting for a chance to get out.

KT: So we all have sunsets inside us?

JH: Yeah! That’s it. But even more. We’ve got sunsets and sunrises and whole galaxies. There’s no limit to the love we can feel and share.

KT: Thanks Josh. Heather’s one lucky young woman.

Author Info
I write about discovering the true power hidden in pleasure and living with an open heart.

My home offers a view of the ocean, even from the soaker tub. I love to travel, spending as much time as I can in Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Stories have the power to change hearts and lives. Love, eroticism, and sensuality provide the greatest inspiration for the heart. When we claim our pleasure, we activate our power and embolden our hearts to create lasting change in our lives and the world.

Some of the simple pleasures I enjoy:

French macarons, Kir Royale (a glass of champagne with 1/2 oz of Cassis, a black currant liqueur from France), hot baths by candle light, walking in the forest, working in the garden, visiting museums, non-sexual massage (the sexual kind is nice too!), laughing with friends, cooking for people I love, painting with oils, but most of all: writing.

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