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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Failure Blog Tour

Title: Beautiful Failure

Author: Mariah Cole

Genre: New Adult Romance

Hosted by: Mary Elizabeth’s Crazy Book Obsession



If you're looking for a heartwarming story about a girl who falls deeply in love with a troubled boy who changes her life--a sob story with pretty metaphors and a million ways that'll tell you how "broken" she is, STOP. Don't read another word of this.

I'm not that type of girl.

My name is Emerald Anderson and I'm not going to bullshit you: I flunked out of college after my sophomore year, I've been fired from every job I've ever taken, and I've never had a fully functioning relationship in my life.

I wish I could say that I had a cheerleader in my corner, someone who says, "No, Emerald--You're great and you are good at something!" but I don't. My grandparents are completely oblivious to my life, and my mother's dying words to me were "You're going to end up just like me one day. A beautiful nothing."

She was right.

As I decide to start my life over and take two jobs that will forever change me--one from the inside, and one from the outside, I keep my mother's words close to my heart so I can keep the sexy and mysterious Carter Black away.

He's the first man who's ever pursued me, the first man who seems bent on finding out why I am the way I am, but he's wasting his time.

I'm not broken. I don't need to be fixed. I'm perfectly fine being a beautiful failure...


From the opening chapter…

My life is a fucking mess. A. Fucking. Mess.
I’m currently parked outside of Gina & Laney’s Diner, smoking a cigarette with my windows up. I’m looking over the check they gave me minutes ago and wondering if this is really my life or a sad depressing dream.
This is the last check I’ll receive since they fired me last Friday. They said they were tired of me showing up late and telling customers to “make up [their] goddamn mind” whenever they asked for my opinion about items on the menu. 
My pay for two full weeks of work? Two hundred dollars and thirty one cents. No tips.
It’s the eighth job I’ve had in almost a year, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m cut out for employment at all: I lost my bagger job at the grocery store after one week, my stint as a cashier ended in a shouting match with the manager, and I didn’t last longer than an hour at the manure plant. 
All I do whenever I work is incessantly daydream about fictional characters, wishing I could find the time and space to write them all down. I’m always lost in some type of fantasy, some other life that’s more fulfilling than mine.  
Sighing, I suddenly notice that streaks of lightning are dancing across the sky and raindrops are attacking my windshield—reminding me that I have twenty minutes to get to my latest job interview. 
It’s at the Westin—the nicest hotel on this side of the South; the one place that puts Blythe, Alabama on the map. Even though I’ve been repeatedly warned about how strict their rules are and how they have a high turnover rate, I’m determined to land and keep this job. 

I have to. 

Author Bio

Mariah Cole is a Starbucks addict (hazelnut shots please!), New Adult author, and an incessant daydreamer. Known for pushing the envelope, she’s an avid reader of indie books and is always looking to chat with readers and authors alike.

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Beautiful Failure (Carter’s POV)

First Encounter Scene

 Walking inside of Starbucks, I expect to see the familiar bubbly blonde behind the counter, the one who never bothers to ask what I want to order. She always greets me with a “Hello, Mr. Black! I’ll have your grande coffee with two hazel nut shots right away!” But today, there’s someone new. Someone with black hair who hasn’t even bothered to look up at me. With her head down, she types a few buttons on the register and sighs. “Starbucks Bistro. What’s your name and what do you want?” “Is that the new greeting now?” I smile. “Did it change recently?” “They don’t pay me enough to make conversation,” she says flatly. “What’s your name and what do you want—Please?” This is a first… “Carter…Carter Black. Grande coffee with a hazelnut shot and two sugars.” She writes on the cup and quickly turns around, mixing the drink on the back counter. From behind, I notice a small grey and black tattoo on her neck, partially hidden by her long ponytail. What is that? I’m admiring her ass when she suddenly turns around and gasps. She blinks, staring at me with her lips slightly parted. She looks as if she’s about to say something, but no words come out of her mouth. Her mouth. Her fucking mouth. Plump, pink lips. Bow shaped. Perfection. “Are you going to give me my coffee?” I look into her dark green eyes. “Or do they not pay you enough to do that either?” “Three dollars and seven cents.” I keep my eyes locked on hers as I hand her the card, wondering why I’ve never seen her in town before. Once she hands me my coffee, I decide to ask why. “When did you start here?” “Thank you for visiting Starbucks.” She rolls her eyes. “Have a nice day.” I smile and bring the cup to my lips, never taking my eyes off hers. I can tell I’m making her uncomfortable because she’s shifting her weight from foot to foot and blinking every few seconds. “Is there something wrong with your coffee sir?” She purses her lips. The coffee is actually the best it’s ever been, but I don’t want to leave the store just yet. “It’s a bit bitter,” I say. “No, it’s not.” She crosses her arms. “I just made it.” “I’m pretty sure it is.” I hand the cup back to her. “Can you add some more sugar please?” “There’s a condiment stand on the back wall. You can add it yourself.” Is she serious? I look at her nametag—Emerald, and prepare to really have some fun with her, but the familiar blonde suddenly steps next to her. “Mr. Black, is there something wrong?” she asks. “Not at all. I was just asking Emerald if she would add some more sugar to my coffee.” “Oh! I got it!” As she remakes it, I smile at Emerald—ignoring the fact that she’s scowling at me. It makes her look even sexier. “There you are.” The blonde smiles as she hands me the new coffee. I take a sip of it and immediately regret having it remade. It’s good, but what Emerald made was ten times better. “Much better.” I look at Emerald one last time, deciding that I’ll be back at the exact same time tomorrow. “Thank you ladies.” Emerald rolls her eyes and mouths “Asshole,” but she quickly forces a smile. I debate whether I should ask her to say that out loud, but I decide against it. I’ll have plenty of time to see her this summer…


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