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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Broken Promises Releases Day Launch!

Breakout New Adult sensation Monica Murphy returns with a hot new contemporary romance—a heartfelt story of second chances, forgiveness, and redemption.

Commitment. That’s what I really want from Colin. Ever since my brother, Danny, died in Iraq, Colin’s done so much to help me, including giving me a job at his popular restaurant so I can leave my crappy waitressing job at the strip joint. But lying in bed with him every night to comfort him from his horrible nightmares isn’t enough anymore. I know he feels guilty about Danny’s death, about not going to Iraq, but I can’t keep living this double life.

I love him desperately, but he’s got so many demons, and if he can’t open up to me now, then he’ll never be the real partner I need him to be. I gave him a month, and now I’m out of here. If he truly loves me like he says, he knows where to find me.

3.75 out of 5 Stars

Wow talk about some frustrating characters. Colin and Jen go back and forth so much that you may suffer from whip lash by the end of the book. (Im not saying thats a bad thing it made things VERY interesting) When I finished drew & Fables story I was HOPING for this story to come about, because Colin had completely beguiled me and I HAD to know his story. He was such a mystery, and in Three Broken Promises we get to slowly unravel the puzzle that is Colin. AND what a complex character he is. Jen, Jen has a past she isn't proud of and that she lives with over whelming guilt from what she once had to do to survive.  Her guilt though doesn't out weigh her fear of how Colin would react and see her if he ever found out.  Be prepared to be extremely frustrated with these two as they try to deny their connection and feelings.
In the end though totally worth the read. 

“You’re going to turn me away yet again, aren’t you?” she asks when I don’t say anything. The irritation in her voice rings clear as her entire body goes tense. “I can’t believe it. I offer myself up to you with no strings attached and you’re trying to figure out how to let me down easy. God, I am such a moron.”
Unable to hold myself back, I rush toward her, angry that she would insult herself. Panicked that she really is going to walk away and I’m going to lose my chance. Thinking too much sucks. I need to just let it happen. Take this opportunity that she’s presenting me.
And let her go when our time is up.
“You’re not a moron,” I murmur, reaching for her. I cup her face in my hands and position her so she has no choice but to meet my gaze. I skim my thumbs across her cheeks, feel her shudder at my touch. “You make an offer like that and a man needs to process it first.”
The unshed tears still glimmer in her eyes and one escapes, leaving a damp trail across her skin. Leaning in, I stop its descent with my lips, tasting the salt, hearing the catch in her breath. “We do this and it’s not going to be some half-assed thing, you know,” I whisper.
She closes her eyes, her tears tangled in her long, thick lashes. “What’s it going to be, then?”
“A discovery.” I nuzzle her nose with my own, breathing in her scent, her very essence. God, I could devour her! It’s taking everything within me to keep calm and not unleash all over her. “An exploration.”
“That sounds like . . . research.” Her breath hitches in her throat when I drop a tender kiss on the tip of her nose.
Chuckling, I shake my head. “It’s the farthest thing from research.” I drift my lips across her cheek, blazing a hot path on her petal-soft skin. “You’re right when you said I don’t do commitment. The closest thing I’ve ever been to commitment is . . . what I share with you.”
She tentatively places her hands on my hips, her fingers curling into the waistband of my jeans. Having her hands on me sends little darts of fire throughout my insides, making me harden in an instant. She has no idea what sort of effect she has on me. How much restraint I’m using at this very moment not to throw her over my shoulder like an oversexed caveman and cart her off to my bedroom.
“But it can be no more than friendship with added . . . benefits.” I lift my head so I can look into her troubled gaze. She doesn’t like what I have to say and I don’t like it either, but I have to be honest. Stringing her along and making her believe this is something more is a mistake.
The two of us together would never work. I’m too damn selfish. I’d disappoint her. I’d hold her back when she needs her freedom. I’m not worthy of her. She’s everything sweet and good in my life, where there’s little sweet and good remaining.
I’ve kept her—and our relationship—as pure as possible even after all of these years. With the realization that she’s leaving me, that we’ll never be together again, I need to take my opportunities where I can.
Jen bites her lip and drops her gaze. “I can handle that.”
Her body language is more than telling me she doesn’t really want to handle that, but I can’t worry about it now.
I want her too damn much.

About the Author

Monica Murphy is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series. She writes new adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She also writes romance as Karen Erickson. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite.

Books by Monica Murphy

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 31 Rachael Wades Carter!

Featuring characters from Love and Relativity.

Carter Montgomery spent most of his life blending in, and he liked it that way. It was always better to be seen, not heard. And while a theatric streak and friendly demeanor might have fooled most people, he knew the truth—he was the shy one. The quiet kid most people forgot about. Some might have considered that a bad thing, but those people all wanted to be in the spotlight.

The only place Carter didn’t mind attention was on stage, with The Hellions. Once content in his comfort zone in Seattle, Washington, he only knew three things: confrontation was to be avoided, keeping the peace was priority, and the moment he lost Kate Parker to Professor Ryan Campbell, he had no clue what to do with his life. Playing gigs, working at Pike Place Market, and watching BBC after the love of his life sailed off into the sunset just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Desperate to escape his rut, he takes a cue from Kate and chooses a random place to relocate—a small island across the country, where no one knows his name and memories of unrequited love aren’t found at every turn. Just when he thinks he’s found the perfect place to unwind and sink back into the shadows, in bursts Whitney Sinclair, a saucy firecracker who loves life and refuses to settle for second best. Full of contagious energy, she dares him to be brave, convincing him that it might finally be time to tell the world what he wants.

It might be time to make a declaration.

Carter Montgomery Character Spotlight

Celeb Look A like

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

 Hometown: Seattle, WA
Celebrity look-a-likes: Joseph Gordon Levitt
Socially Awkward


- Ginger Spice
-           BBC
- Sweaty rock and roll
- Spoiling Whitney
-          Watching Whitney eat
-          Watching Whitney belly dance
- …do you see a trend here?


- High School
- Big parties
- Flamingos
- The price of flights to England
- Waiting for the next season of Downton Abbey
- Dean’s singing

Author Info
Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she's not writing, she's busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Quintessentially Q Blog Tour

Title: Quintessentially Q
Series: Monsters in the Dark, Book #2
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Erotic/Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  December 15, 2013
Tour Organized by: As the Pages Turn

“All my life, I battled with the knowledge I was twisted… fucked up to want something so deliciously dark—wrong on so many levels. But then slave fifty-eight entered my world. Hissing, fighting, with a core of iron, she showed me an existence where two wrongs make a right."
Tess is Q’s completely. Q is Tess’s irrevocably. But now, they must learn the boundaries of their unconventional relationship, while Tess seeks vengeance on the men who sold her. Q made a blood-oath to deliver their corpses at Tess’s feet, and that’s just what he’ll do.
He may be a monster, but he’s Tess’s monster.

5 out of 5 Stars

I don't know if I can say I view Tears of Tess & Quintessentially Q as Romances? I know they are, its just that a man with Q's desires would never be for me, yet the lengths he would go to and the things he would endure for Tess will resonate with any female. So even if his and Tess's taste aren't for you there is still something here for you. Their love is strong but it can be broken, which breaking Tess is the one thing Q can not live with. I can't tell you to much with out ruining the amazing roller coaster of a plot for you. Be warned there are scenes and memories that are hard to stomach, anything I have ever read is TAME compared to things that transpire in Quintessentially Q. But every tortures scene I read was worth the agony becasue the story is told so well, its like a car wreck you know you should look away BUT you CAN'T. 

Deleted Snippet

“I’m fine, Mrs. S.” I think I’ll just go to bed. And do what? Lie awake, wet, frustrated and irritated beyond belief. I knew when I told Q I’d be his that he wouldn’t be easy but crap…I thought he’d be easier than this.
Mrs. Sucre gave me a sweet smile, nodding. “He’s always been a handful but you handle him well, child. He’s responding.”
I barked a laugh. “Responding? By running to work at,” I checked the small diamond Rolex Q gave me, “at nine p.m.?”
She shook her head. “Some days might be too much for him and work has always been his salvation against so many things. But you’re chipping away. You’re winning.” She patted my arm. “Now go and run a nice bath and relax. There isn’t much you can do with him gone and you don’t want to work yourself up. Save your fight for when he returns.”


Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero the better and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex. 

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby (who speaks French—hot!) who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. She loves to hear from her readers so hit her up at


Tour wide giveaway:
Pepper is offering up (5) eBook copies of Tears of Tess (INTL) and (2) swag packs (INTL) up for grabs.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST 12/30/2013.

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Title: Tears of Tess
Series: Monsters in the Dark, Book #1
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Erotic/Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Purchase Link: 


A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to grief, slavery, and nonconsensual sex. A story about finding love in the strangest of places, a will of iron that grows from necessity, and forgiveness that may not be enough.

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed.
I was sold.”

Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility. 

For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world.

But lusty paradise is shattered.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror. 

Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold.

Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 30 Melissa Cutlers Vaughn

Rachel Sorentino has spent her whole life protecting her siblings from trouble—only to run headlong into it herself. Her first regret about shooting at the vandals targeting her family is that her aim wasn't better. Her second is that when bullets started flying, it was Sheriff Vaughn Cooper's number she dialed. Vaughn is the mistake she keeps on making, a cowboy lawman who cuts through Rachel's surface bravado to the vulnerability no one else sees. And no matter how inconvenient their attraction—for his career, her tangled case, and their already battered hearts—there's no denying what feels so irresistibly right…

Book Boyfriend: Vaughn Cooper

The 4-1-1:

Name: Vaughn Cooper, the hero featured in COWBOY JUSTICE
Age: 36
Looks: 6’ tall, Italian-Irish heritage, wavy black hair, and he always has his black Stetson handy.
Occupation: New Mexico County Sheriff
Hobbies: hanging out with his friends, fantasy baseball, trail riding
Exercise: training for half marathons with daily runs
His passions: horses, his family, and wiping out corruption in his beloved county.
What he’s looking for in a woman: someone who’s strong and independent, loves horses, won’t make him eat vegetables, appreciates his sense of humor, and likes to get kinky and creative in the bedroom.
Status: Most Eligible Bachelor in Quay County, New Mexico

Get to Know Vaughn in this Exclusive Excerpt from COWBOY JUSTICE...
It had been over a year since Rachel had looked at Vaughn long enough to really see him. Their mistakes in the interim had taken place in the dark of night, and were over too soon for her to notice anything but the way he made her feel. His thick, dark hair was a smidge longer than she remembered, combed and held in place with a touch of gel. A new scar, an inch-long jagged line that still glowed pink, ran along his jaw near his right ear, and time had etched new laugh lines into the corners of his blue eyes.
"Has anything like this ever occurred on your ranch before? The graffiti or the people trespassing?"
She shrugged, then grunted when it sent a stab of pain through her injured arm. "A dozen or so times in the past four months. I kept photographic records on my camera and computer. I'll hand the pictures over to you."
He stared at her for a heartbeat, then vaulted from his seat and yanked the privacy curtain around her bed. "A dozen times? “Why didn’t you tell me?”
"I have my reasons," she whispered.
About the Author

Melissa Cutler knows she has the best job in the world, dividing her time between her dual passions for writing sexy contemporary romances for Kensington Books and edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense for Harlequin.

She was struck at an early age by an unrelenting travel bug and is probably planning her next vacation as you read this. When she's not globetrotting, she's enjoying Southern California's flip-flop wearing weather and wrangling two rambunctious kids.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 29 Skye Turners Jude Delecroix

Book Blurb

Alexia Sloane is the twenty-six year old owner of the highly successful Louisiana coffee shop/bakery, Java and Sweeties. The past couple of years have been all she’s dreamed of and her business takes all of her focus, all of her heart.
Jude Delecroix is the lead singer of one of the most famous rock bands in the country, Bayou Stix, and the man who broke Lexi’s heart.
Lexi and Jude have a past.
When Jude comes back to town eight years after leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a famous musician and comes face to face with Lexi, forces collide, old hurts are brought to the surface, and life as these two have been living it will never be the same.
There are two sides to every story, and what happens when the things you believed to be concrete suddenly crumble like ash and fade away?
What happens when two people afraid to face the past, become involved in the present? Can they hope for a future?
Welcome to Louisiana where humidity and passion are high and things are not always what they seem.
***Contains graphic sex and language. Not for young readers.***

Character Bio
Character Bio: Jude Delecroix. Lead Singer of Bayou Stix. 27. Has lived the life of a rock star for the past 8 years. He realizes his life is missing something and heads home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see if he can figure out what it is. Jude has loved one woman in his entire life, Lexi Sloane, the woman who broke his heart.
He's 6'1 and all lean muscle. Blonde with purple tipped hair and piercing hazel eyes. Tattoos, ear piercings, and a face full of scruff round out the alluring package that is Jude Delecroix. 

About the Author
Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism.

She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 children, and 4 fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, or catching up on her family oriented blog.

Author Store for signed paperbacks with swag:

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Forever Ours Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal 


Forever Ours is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Hearts Series. This can be read as a stand alone or before Relentless.

Sometimes, it takes more than love to mend a shattered heart.

After eight years of being tossed around from one home to another, never forming any meaningful friendships or bonds with her foster families, Claire's caseworker gives her an ultimatum: Behave or your next home will be a halfway house.

When fifteen-year-old Claire arrives at the home of Jackie Knight and meets Jackie's fifteen-year-old son, tattooed guitarist Chris, she fears she'll be seeing the inside of that halfway house soon. But Chris isn't like any other guy Claire has ever encountered and he soon gains her trust through his music and unwavering patience.

Claire has finally found her forever home and she and Chris soon find themselves falling in love.

But Chris’s dreams of musical stardom and Claire’s need for a stable home soon put their love in jeopardy. Chris struggles deeply with his plans for the future, entirely reluctant to leave Claire behind; until Claire does something that may break their love — and the only home she’s comes to know — forever.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo grew up in California and has lived in three different countries. She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills. She is the author of the Shattered Hearts series (Relentless, Pieces of You, Bring Me Home) and the Luke and Chase series.

Come chat with her on 

You can also follow her blog at to stay up to date on new releases and giveaways.

Thanks for reading!







Link to Spotify playlist:


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There are moments in life that you know will be burned into your memory forever. Chris calls these “movie screen moments” — where everything slows down and you know that something important is about to happen that will change the course of the story. He says that the best songs are written about movie screen moments. I don’t know if this is true. All I know is that this is one of those moments.
I can feel it in the air. And I know that when I look back, I’ll remember everything about this moment in time; the smells, the tastes, the sounds, and the touch. The touch.
Chris and I are both sitting on the carpet with our backs leaned against the sofa, our fingers woven together as MTV plays in the background. This is something we’ve done every day for the past six weeks, ever since summer break began. As soon as Jackie leaves for work in the morning, we both get up and have breakfast together. He usually makes me a bowl of cereal or I make us both some scrambled eggs. Then we hang out in the living room for a few hours until his friends come over. Sometimes, Chris plays his guitar for me. Sometimes, we sit here and pretend to watch MTV, holding hands while Mr. Miyagi lays out across both of our laps, begging to be petted. Well, I don’t know if Chris is pretending to watch MTV, but I know I am. 
All I can seem to think about when I’m near Chris is whether or not this will last or if he will be just another person I have to lose. But this doesn’t stop me from enjoying these hours spent together. I’ve never been happier in all my life. Not even when my mom was alive.
I’ll admit. I was sort of hoping today would be different then all the other mornings Chris and I have hung out. Not that I don’t like this small moment of closeness we share every day. But today’s my sixteenth birthday. I guess I figured that would make today even more special for us. I was kind of hoping I might get my first kiss.
“Tristan’s coming over in half an hour and we’re going to the mall. You want to come?”
My heart sinks a little. Chris knows that Tristan and I don’t get along very well. He hasn’t even wished me a happy birthday and now he’s leaving to hang out with Tristan.
I try to let go of his hand and he tightens his grip. “What’s wrong?”
I attempt to pull my hand away again and this time he lets go. “I don’t want to go to the mall.”
“Are you okay?”
I stand up and he immediately stands with me. “I’m just tired. I think I’m gonna go back to bed.”
I take a few steps, but he grabs my hand to stop me. When I look over my shoulder at him, he’s wearing a crooked smile. “Can you take Mr. Miyagi upstairs with you?”
My shoulders slump as I turn toward Chris’s Shiba Inu where he’s lounging on the sofa.
Chris chuckles. “I’m only kidding. I’m not going anywhere with Tristan today. I’m taking you for a ride.”
“On my bike.”
 “I’m not going on that thing.”
Chris got his motorcycle license the week after he turned sixteen less than three months ago. He’s been trying to get me to ride with him on his crappy racing bike ever since the first time I let him hold my hand.
“Come on,” he pleads. “I have something I want to show you, but I want to do it alone. I don’t want to ask Tristan to take us. Please?”
I stare into his eyes for a moment and he tilts his head. His brown hair always looks calculatedly messy, the way it’s just long enough to cover his ears yet still sticks out in all the right places. His skin is so smooth; I often find myself wishing I could press my lips to his cheek just to feel the softness of his skin. And don’t even get me started on the metal stud in his tongue. The way he plays with it when he’s tuning his guitar gives me butterflies. I don’t know what Chris sees in me other than the way my hand seems to fit so perfectly in his.
He pulls me a little closer and lifts my hand to his mouth. My heart races as he lays a soft kiss on my knuckles. “Claire, it’s your birthday. And I know you probably haven’t had a whole lot of birthdays you want to remember for the rest of your life, but I want this birthday to be the one you never forget. Let me take you for a ride.”
I stare at his lips as he says these words and that’s when it happens. This is that moment; the moment where everything slows down and nothing is ever the same.

Text BOOKLOVE to 41411 to get a text alert when this book is released.

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 28 Debra Kayns Rain

Breathing His Air by Debra Kayn
She is love advice in a coffee shack, he's protection in a biker bar. When her past meets his present, it's a killer cocktail that might get them shot, stabbed, or otherwise dead.

Tori Baldwin spends all her time traveling the states, running a mobile coffee shack, and handing out love advice with every cup. She’s staked her rig in the parking lot of Cactus Cove - a local biker bar by all appearances - and plans to stay put for three months. Just long enough to make some money, without making any friends, before she moves to her next destination as she tries to stay ahead of a painful past.

Rain Brookshire is the leader of the Bantorus motorcycle club, and owner of the Cactus Cove in the small town of Pitnam, Washington. He wants the Lagsturns, a rival-bad-news motorcycle club, to leave town before they infect his town with trouble.
With bullets flying and the Lagsturns putting on the pressure, the only way to keep Tori safe - since she refuses to leave town - is for Rain to claim her as his woman. She has no idea that Rain’s played his hand for all to see in the biker world. It doesn't help that Tori exhibits the three ideal classifications of his ideal woman - Classy, Sexy, and a total Goof - and he can't help but posture and lay down the law. But, when it appears Tori’s life is in danger, and the Lagsturns are innocent, he isn’t going to let the law stop him from keeping his woman safe.

About Rain

Full Name: Rain Brookshire
Age: 36
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Long black with a goatee
Eyes: Intense Brown

Rain is the president of the Bantorus Motorcycle Club, reigning over the Pitnam Washington territory. After getting screwed over by his ex-girlfriend and the Lagsturns MC, he's gun shy with serious relationships. At thirty-six years old, he's stubborn, set in his ways, and expects any woman to hold true to the club rules.
Rain dreams about making his house by the river a home where he can have a safe place to raise a family. He's business smart, lives for the thrill of making money, and longs for a relationship with his brother—although he'll deny it with his last breath. His MC brothers are his best friends, and even though he had a screwed up childhood, he's past that. He's prone to boss people around and he's short on words. Either you get him or you don't. He doesn't care either way. 

Learn more about Rain…

What is your ideal woman like?  -- She must have three  characteristics to get his attention…sexy, classy, and be a total goof. Tori was the first woman who had every quality.
What music groups do you listen to? Staind, .38 Special, Lenny Kravitz, and Skid Row.  
What is your favorite type of clothing on a woman? Boots. High heeled, black boots. The  rest of what she's wearing doesn't matter. 

About the Author
Top Selling Romance Author, Debra Kayn, lives with her family at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in beautiful Idaho. She enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, fishing, and creating chaos for the men in the garage.

Her love of family ties and laughter makes her a natural to write heartwarming contemporary stories to the delight of her readers. Oh, let's cut to the chase. She loves to write about REAL MEN and the WOMEN who love them.

When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were…will you have my babies? Considering Debra's weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she's living her own unbelievable romance book.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Black Friday Book Boyfriend Giveaway Day 27 Sara Ashley Jones Jhett Hudson!

Welcome to the South - where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter. This Southern way of life is all Charlie has ever known. It’s not until she loses the only person who pushed her to break free of the Southern Belle mold that she starts living the life she needs and not the life her parents forced on her. 

Jhett has lived on the edge for as long as he could remember - constantly teetering back and forth between being a rock star and living a normal life. His rebellious and sometimes arrogant attitude is known to get him into trouble, especially with the girls who hang on his every move. 

Charlie never thought that a trip to pack up her brother’s apartment would leave her feeling even more unsettled about the grainy details of her brother’s death. Her quest for information leads her straight to his old hangout and into arms of Jhett, who suspiciously knows more about her situation than he ever should. 

Only a few questions remain - Can you trust someone based on their word alone? And if you make a promise, how far will you go to keep it?

I am beyond excited to introduce to you Mr. Jhett Hudson.

Jhett seems like your typical bad boy. He has tattoos, he's snarky, he doesn't care what people think, and he can be downright reckless. He never sticks around long enough to get emotionally involved with woman, but loves to be the center of attention, especially when he's on stage with his guitar. But that's just the tip of the Jhett iceberg; there's so much more to him than what he shows on the outside.

He has a passionate fury about him in everything he does, which is one of the reasons why he became so successful at a young age. He knows the choices he's made to get him where he is now, and with some of them came unexpected situations - like Charlie falling straight into his lap. 

He's forced to relive certain aspects of his past once she shows up and it's not always easy for him to figure out how he feels about her. Charlie turns his world upside down and challenges him in ways no one ever has and he can't seem to get enough of her. Jhett never knew what he wanted until he met her. 

About the Author

My husband and I live in Tennessee with our four dogs and when I’m not writing, I am working during the day in a pottery studio. I enjoy being outdoors and going fishing, camping, kayaking, swimming, and hiking. I also love to curl up any given night and just let a book suck me in. But that doesn’t mean that the next night I’m not all hopped up on Mountain Dew and watching The Vampire Diaries or YouTube while fangirling like a crazy person. I’m somewhat of an introverted extrovert, you could say. I am the creative child that refused to grow up. When I was a little girl, I would steal my mom’s tapes and make up my own dance routines to perform for my parents after dinner. I remember my brother and I used a handheld tape recorder and a tape player to create our own radio show skits. My Uncle was the first one to introduce me to the wonderful world of Broadway, and after that I performed in a handful of plays and participated in choir from Elementary School until my junior year in High School. I guess I have been a storyteller of some sort since that first performance in my parent’s living room.

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