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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review of Forgotten Written Sarah J. Pepper - 1st in The Fate Trilogy

His perseverance unnerved me, scrutinizing my every move like a twisted guardian angel. Jace waited patiently for me to join him. Like he knew my defiance would crumble under his intense gaze, which was exactly why I avoided him…until twilight. He hijacked my dreams and proved to be a different kind of nightmare – unhinged, rebellious, and dangerously mouth-watering.
“Escape from reality, Gwyneth. Sometimes life can be too painful to live in, even for immortals,” Jace whispered in my dream. His heat, fervor, and unrelenting confidence resonated around me when he closed the gap between us. His lips hovered above mine, waiting for me to give into him.
Gwyneth’s chronicle began long before she witnessed her family being brutally murdered and lost her sight. Living as an orphan, her world is anything but black and white. She sees her vivid future that promises suffering and death. Cursed with these visions, Gwyneth pretends to be like everyone else, until a dangerously charismatic, young man walks into her life. From the moment Jace lays eyes on her, he refuses to believe Gwyneth is normal. He knows information about her past that only a psychopathic stalker could dig up. He reveals her dirty secrets. Unbeknownst details of Gwyneth’s former life unfurl.
Unsure of what to believe, Gwyneth searches for answers that lead to her inconceivable fate. However, the ancient truth she uncovers is more dangerous than any high school romance she’d bargained for. Gwyneth is drug into an inevitable battle brewing between immortal Gods and ageless Hunters – both of which have sworn to swear to kill her if deemed necessary.

5 Stars (Review by Niki D)

The best way to explain Forgotten, is if Phenomenal and Epic got together, had an extremely steamy night of passion and then 38-40 weeks later Forgotten was born. Corny - I know, but oh my fricken god this book is,

   photo ah-mah-zing_zpseb1f7ca5.gif

I could not put down Forgotten once I started. I had to feed and put my child and husband to bed but even then, my head was still in the story. I tried to go to bed and after 30 seconds lecturing myself on the importance of a full night's rest, I knew sleep was futile until I finished this book. 

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The only issue I had and it wasn't really an issue, I was just sort of confused in the beginning with the italic parts. I didn't feel like it made the story a deal breaker, obviously - if anything it made me want to understand the meaning behind them more. I just wanted to put it out there, that if you're confused or lost, you will understand later. Also, I should warn you about the...

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I'm not one handle fictional frustration of the sexual nature well. That sounds bad but in cases where the character or characters fight the attraction, I'm internally screaming "Just do it already!" Consider me the devil on the character's shoulder explaining why being bad is so very good. With this book though, I thought it was well done. Either way, this novel rocked. It's what all other novels about 'this' genre/type of characters wish they were. I recently read a pretty well known author's book about something similar and while I enjoyed that author's work, this is just so much better. So Forgotten, you earned it, excuse me while I...

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I'm off to read then next one.
Oh wait! I almost forgot something important, the overall conflict of this book is resolved, but the bigger main conflict is left opened. I don't want to say its a cliffhanger, because I don't feel like it was. Hmm how do I put this, I'm pleased with where the book was left versus wanting to slam my head into a wall over and over again. You are left waiting the rest of the story but not so much so that you wanna strangle something in the mean time. I highly recommend this book. Happy Reading!

*A book was supplied for my honest opinion

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