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Monday, September 30, 2013

Omnific Character Smackdown

Omnific Character Smackdown
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Character Name: Macy Quinn Oliver
Personality Type: Swoony and Sensitive

Author: Justine Dell
Book Title: Until Next Time
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Synopsis:
Piper Downing knows a thing or two about death. She’s spent her entire life working inside her family’s funeral home. Now thirty, Piper’s been running the place on her own for what feels like an eternity. Not that she minds. Losing her parents at a young age, watching her teenage boyfriend die before her eyes, and seeing every type of death and tragedy possible in her line of work did something to her psyche. Piper copes with her job—and the world—by putting every emotion in a box and burying it. She doesn’t get close to people, has no friends, and only has relationships with men for sexual satisfaction. She doesn’t love. Love is selfish.

Macy Quinn Oliver knows a thing or two about death, too. An injury caused him to be honorably discharged as a fighter pilot and now he works as grief counselor at the local VA hospital. He grew up in a family that understands the pain of death, yet embraces what it means. He was taught that death isn’t the end, it is simply… until next time. Even after losing his young bride to brain cancer, Quinn loves. Quinn lives. But because of his vow to his late wife, Quinn will never marry.When he meets Piper at his Grandmother’s wake, her chestnut hair and matching eyes stirs him in way that hasn’t happened for a long time.

And Quinn has the same effect on Piper. Together they make the perfect pair; a girl who won’t love and a guy who won’t marry. But in order to get their happy ever after, Piper has to learn that love isn’t an end all, and Quinn must make a commitment he promised to never make again.

Book Excerpt:
He gave her a soft grin. “What would a woman like you have on your headstone?

A snicker escaped her. “The End?”

He leaned back, jaw agape. “That’s it? Seriously?”

“You got something better?

“Here lies a man who got all he ever wanted.”

Piper’s breath caught at the sensual tone of his voice. “That…uh, seems fitting.”

He drew closer, sweeping her hair back from her cheek. “Life isn’t worth living unless you live it to the fullest.” His eyes held a spark of an unasked question. “What do you think, Piper?”

And Piper, God help her, had an undying need to close the few inches that separated them and kiss him. The sun had set completely, leaving them in low-lit gray mist.

His head dipped, coming dangerously close to hers. His lips were right there, twitching with amusement. Or maybe it was a challenge. “Well?”

Character Casting Photo:

Character Bio:
Macy Quinn Oliver, 36, hails from Wisconsin. He was a former fighter pilot who was honorably discharged from the Air Force because of a chemical burn to his eye. Now he’s a grief counselor at a t local VA hospital, but he still flies a sweet trick plane alongside his two brothers in his spare time. 

What is your ideal woman like? I’m attracted to fascinating women. Someone who is more than what they seem. Someone who can make me think, make me feel, and make be believe. 

What do you like the least about yourself? I wish I wasn’t color-blind in my right eye, but I can’t complain about the path the injury gave me in life. 

What are the three most important things in life to you? There are only two things important in my life: my family and love. 

What music is on your playlist right now? Everything by Bruno Mars. Right now Locked out of Heaven is playing.  

What is your favorite curse/dirty word? Words don’t need to be dirty to be poignant.  And there are much better to get your point across than cursing.

How do you seduce and/or excite a woman? Simple acts have the biggest effect. A look, a soft touch, a stroke, a kiss. And always give a woman something she would never expect. 

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love? I’m a simple kind of guy, and anywhere I can pleasure a woman is an “interesting” place. 

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