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Monday, September 30, 2013

Omnific Character Smackdown

Omnific Character Smackdown
Voting will
occur on Love Between The Sheets blog page at
Character Name: Macy Quinn Oliver
Personality Type: Swoony and Sensitive

Author: Justine Dell
Book Title: Until Next Time
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Synopsis:
Piper Downing knows a thing or two about death. She’s spent her entire life working inside her family’s funeral home. Now thirty, Piper’s been running the place on her own for what feels like an eternity. Not that she minds. Losing her parents at a young age, watching her teenage boyfriend die before her eyes, and seeing every type of death and tragedy possible in her line of work did something to her psyche. Piper copes with her job—and the world—by putting every emotion in a box and burying it. She doesn’t get close to people, has no friends, and only has relationships with men for sexual satisfaction. She doesn’t love. Love is selfish.

Macy Quinn Oliver knows a thing or two about death, too. An injury caused him to be honorably discharged as a fighter pilot and now he works as grief counselor at the local VA hospital. He grew up in a family that understands the pain of death, yet embraces what it means. He was taught that death isn’t the end, it is simply… until next time. Even after losing his young bride to brain cancer, Quinn loves. Quinn lives. But because of his vow to his late wife, Quinn will never marry.When he meets Piper at his Grandmother’s wake, her chestnut hair and matching eyes stirs him in way that hasn’t happened for a long time.

And Quinn has the same effect on Piper. Together they make the perfect pair; a girl who won’t love and a guy who won’t marry. But in order to get their happy ever after, Piper has to learn that love isn’t an end all, and Quinn must make a commitment he promised to never make again.

Book Excerpt:
He gave her a soft grin. “What would a woman like you have on your headstone?

A snicker escaped her. “The End?”

He leaned back, jaw agape. “That’s it? Seriously?”

“You got something better?

“Here lies a man who got all he ever wanted.”

Piper’s breath caught at the sensual tone of his voice. “That…uh, seems fitting.”

He drew closer, sweeping her hair back from her cheek. “Life isn’t worth living unless you live it to the fullest.” His eyes held a spark of an unasked question. “What do you think, Piper?”

And Piper, God help her, had an undying need to close the few inches that separated them and kiss him. The sun had set completely, leaving them in low-lit gray mist.

His head dipped, coming dangerously close to hers. His lips were right there, twitching with amusement. Or maybe it was a challenge. “Well?”

Character Casting Photo:

Character Bio:
Macy Quinn Oliver, 36, hails from Wisconsin. He was a former fighter pilot who was honorably discharged from the Air Force because of a chemical burn to his eye. Now he’s a grief counselor at a t local VA hospital, but he still flies a sweet trick plane alongside his two brothers in his spare time. 

What is your ideal woman like? I’m attracted to fascinating women. Someone who is more than what they seem. Someone who can make me think, make me feel, and make be believe. 

What do you like the least about yourself? I wish I wasn’t color-blind in my right eye, but I can’t complain about the path the injury gave me in life. 

What are the three most important things in life to you? There are only two things important in my life: my family and love. 

What music is on your playlist right now? Everything by Bruno Mars. Right now Locked out of Heaven is playing.  

What is your favorite curse/dirty word? Words don’t need to be dirty to be poignant.  And there are much better to get your point across than cursing.

How do you seduce and/or excite a woman? Simple acts have the biggest effect. A look, a soft touch, a stroke, a kiss. And always give a woman something she would never expect. 

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love? I’m a simple kind of guy, and anywhere I can pleasure a woman is an “interesting” place. 

To vote for this book boyfriend, go to Love Between the Sheets, find this character, and place your vote:

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Surrender to Fate Blog Tour

Title:   Surrender to Fate (Fate’s Path #1)
Author:  Jacelyn Rye
Genre:   New Adult Romance 18+
Publication Date:  September 17, 2013
Cover Designed By:  Damonza 

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


Some say fate holds the cards. But what if love deals the hand? No love goes untested. Ever. Indeed, true love is left to prove itself. And that is exactly where fate steps in to play the game.
For William and Sarah, that game begins with growing up, in the unspoiled mountains of Colorado. In a time and space as clear as the Rocky Mountain skies above, these young souls together learn about life, what matters most, what endures, what doesn’t, and about love. Innocent young love moves ever so surely toward lives they both can picture, lives spent loving each other in a place they know so well and cherish.
Will and Sarah are ecstatically swept away in the swells of new love. And it is in their rarefied bliss that they make the fragile promise of first love, a promise that fate will soon rock and pound into doubt, guilt, and epiphany.
Unexpected and unprepared, these young lovers are suddenly torn apart, first by distance, and then by the far greater pressures of temptation that test the very fidelity of their heart-held promise. No longer able to console each other, hold each other, touch each other, they face the inevitable decision: move on to other loves, or cling to the faith that they will someday be together, again.
Will and Sarah stare down an unknown path, sensing destiny will not wait long before it comes to take them. Wracked with doubt, they wonder if their love was real. Caged by guilt, they both feel tempted by others intent on stealing their hearts.
Fate plays hardest when love is tested. And Will and Sarah are no exception, letting go of their happy past to embrace hope for an uncharted future. Love plays hardest when fate tests. And so it is, even through their trials of the heart, Will and Sarah never really stop loving each other. Theirs is a love so real and pure that each just wants the other to find happiness, even if it's with another.

But fate does not surrender so easily. Dealing blow upon blow, both Will and Sarah are each struck by jolting events that take them to the very edge of life, itself. What happens to love when life is on the line? Can they both relinquish control when love is on the line? Will fate even allow them to find out?

5 out of 5 Stars

I freaking loved this book!! It went far beyond my expectations. Surrender to Fate was sad, sweet and heartbreaking. There were so many moments in the book that I would feel the urge or need to bawl my eyes out.

I also believe that Jacelyn Rye has this amazing way of writing that has the power to make the reading audience feel the emotion of her characters. The story starts out with Will and Sarah, both best friends in love with each other. Though fate doesn't make it easy for them because as soon as Will confesses, Sarah is ripped away from him. Even a million miles away they still think of each other but can their love withstand distance?? And supporting characters like Margaret (who I did not like at all!) do not make it easy for them !! OMG and the cliffhanger at the end, it was sooo....... well lets just say that i really need the next book but i don't know when it'll be out!! :(

This absolutely got my blood pumping, there are not a lot of books this passionate and emotional. I would definitely recommend it to those of you who love steamy books with so much drama and passion that leave you feel wanting more.

Review by Ramsha

About the Author

Jacelyn spent her childhood growing up in the mountains of Colorado.  After graduating from college, she moved to Southern California, where she still resides with her husband and two young sons. 

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Far Too Tempting Cover Reveal

Jane Black has written the break-up album of the century, earning her a Grammy, a huge legion of new fans, and the pressure to repeat her success. Sure, the heartbreak from her husband’s unconventional abandonment might have been her inspiration, but it hasn’t done her any favors in the dating department. So when Matthew Harrigan, the toughest music journalist out there, asks for an interview, Jane agrees—as long as her personal life is completely off-limits. 

British, gorgeous, and way too tempting, Matthew’s the first guy Jane’s been attracted to since her husband. As she spends more time with him and their relationship heats up, though, so does her writer’s block. How can the queen of the break-up pen the perfect follow-up when she’s seriously in love?

Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. Her novels include Caught Up In UsPretending He’s MinePlaying With Her Heart, and Trophy Husband. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.
Pre-Order Links:
Entangled Publishing:

Crash and Burn Release

Crash and Burn
    Prequel to the Daddy's Girls Series

   Crash.....a crash ended it all and started it all.  Dina Fowler is attending college with her long time best friend Maggie Lawson.  Life is good and carefree.  Until the crash that changed it all.  Her freshman year ends with the loss of her parents in a car accident, spiraling Dina into a deep depression.  Secluding herself as she picks up the pieces to her life, slowly she finds the only person she has left is Maggie.
   Chance encounters sometimes make the most incredible moments, other times they crash and burn.  A chance encounter brings Michael barreling into a lost and vulnerable Dina's life.  Playing on every weakness she has, he weasels his way into her heart.  Slow build up to the hell that was soon to become Dina's daily nightmare.  Her parents are gone.  She wants out but has no idea how to escape her new reality.
    Can she find her way out?  Or will she be lost completely burning in her own personal hell? 

Daddy’s Girls Series
The Daddy’s Girls series is a set of novellas that will take you on a journey through the ups and downs life can throw at you.  Each one of the women, in these six different couples, is impacted in some way by their father’s influence in their lives, whether positive or negative.

The journey begins with our beloved, Dina, in Crash and Burn.  This is a story of loss, a story of overcoming, and moving forward.  Dina is learning how to continue living after the devastating loss of both of her parents.  Michael comes along and slowly pulls her into a dark and lonely world with him.  Can she see the light again and work her way out before he hurts her worse?

Broken, battered, lost, and ashamed, Dina pulls her life together once again.  This time she’s gun shy to give into her attraction so easily.  Ryder Davenport has waited patiently for Dina to feel strong again.  He’s stood back, in the shadows, observing the damage a man can do to a woman’s mind, body, and spirit.  He changes his playboy ways, all in hopes of being the one to claim Dina’s heart.  Restore My Heart is a story of rebuilding, learning to trust again, and the ability to love again.  Can Dina find it in her to love and trust a man again?  

In the first two books we meet Maggie.  Following her early days with Brayden in Crash and Burn we learn these two have a strong sexual attraction to one another.  We watch them have what is seemingly a strong and beautiful relationship for four years in Restore My Heart.  They are the couple to set your standard to.  Maggie is ready to commit her life to Brayden.  In Salvaged, we learn, Brayden has secrets.  Big secrets.  Life changing secrets.  He has messed up, and left Maggie to deal with the aftermath of his many mistakes.  This is a journey of forgiveness and unconditional love.  Can Brayden face his demons and fix himself?  Can Maggie forgive his transgressions and accept his struggles as her own?  Can their relationship be Salvaged?

Jake, an Army reservist, works hard, plays hard, and loves hard.  When Jake is not serving his country as a soldier, he works for Ryder.  He’s been with his one love for nine years.  He’s happy, he’s comfortable.  Never one that has considered marriage, he’s thrown off by his own thoughts on his future with Kenna.  Every little girl dreams of the day she wears the gown, says the vows, and dances with her Daddy.  Kenna is no different.  Jake has been up front with her, marriage is off the table.  Watching their closest friends have what she wants so desperately, a crack forms in their once solid foundation.  This is a story of commitment, communication, and lifelong love.  Can they sort through Jake’s past?  Can Kenna give up her childhood dreams and settle for the life she has with Jake?  Will they find a way to move Full Throttle into their future together or does it all fall apart?

All along the way, things seem Beyond Repair for Tiffany and Harrison.  A spoiled, southern belle, Tiffany doesn’t know how to be anything more than the country club snob her father raised her to be.  Love is blind, Harrison doesn’t see beyond the fa├žade Tiffany puts on.  When she spouts off at the mouth, all is lost.  Harrison moves to Charlotte and begins his life.  Two years pass, he’s in an arrangement with Sophia.  He’s settled, and he’s content.  Tiffany comes with heavy news for Harrison and his family.  Her presence stirs old memories.  They’ve had no closure.  Sophia, unable to give her heart to Harrison, feels there is unfinished business between her lover and his ex.  Knowing she can’t give him what he wants, she lets him go.  This is a journey of understanding, unconditional love, support, and friendship.  Can Tiffany and Harrison rebuild once he’s free?  Are things really Beyond Repair for these two?

Sophia has a past, one that has Stalled her life.  She’s waiting patiently.  Her heart belongs to one person and she’s remained firm to this for years, fourteen years to be exact. Trenton has never been able to forgive himself for what his father did to Sophia.  His dad, now gone, Trenton leaves Texas to find Sophia.  He wants to give her what her heart desires most.  This is a journey of love, time, and bonds that can’t be broken.  When he shows up at her doorstep, can she forgive?  Will she forever be 
Stalled and bound by her past?

About the Author
     Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.

Twitter @chelseacamaron 
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ever Enough Series

Ever Enough Series Book Blitz… September 28, if possible
Ever Enough Series 
Stacy Borel

♥ Ever Enough ♥

What happens when the man you thought was the one, ends up being the one that got away?

When Finley breaks her heart on graduation night, eighteen year old Emilyn is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. After muddling through the next ten years-including immersing herself in a lifeless marriage-she is brought to her knees when she encounters Finley at her high school reunion. Long ago buried emotions and feelings bubble to the surface and when Finley kisses her, Emilyn flees the scene. Arriving home to find her husband in the arms of another woman, Emilyn is forced to return to her hometown and start again. But is it possible to start afresh when the past just won’t seem to let you go?

Finley has spent the ten years since high school focused on his career. As a songwriter, he has never had a problem getting women. But when he realizes that the woman he let go a decade ago could be his happy ever after, he decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. But are some hurdles too great to overcome?

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  • First Kiss- A Rocket To the Moon
  • Ever Enough- A Rocket To the Moon
  • Turning Tables- Adele.
     Don’t You Remember- Adele
     One and Only- Adele

  •  Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 
  •  All the Same- Sick Puppies 
  •  Hello- Evanescence 
  •  Broken- Seether 
  •  Never- Heart
  •  Alone- Heart 
  •  Haunted- Taylor Swift 
  •  Save You- Simple Plan 
  • Weightless- All Time Low 
  •  Break Your Little Heart- All Time Low 
  •  Sick Little Games- All Time Low 
  • Straightjacket Feeling- The All-American Rejects 
  • Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne 
  • No Love- Simple Plan 
  •  Heart of Stone- Iko 
  •  Find Me- Boyce Avenue 
  •  Innocence- Avril Lavigne 
  •  Feelin’ Love- Paula Cole 
  •  Stars- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals 
  •  Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy 
  •  Near To You- A Fine Frenzy 
  •  Just A Fool- Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton 
  •  Faded Away- Luke Bryan 
  •  Come Undone- My Darkest Days 
  •  Between the Raindrops- Lifehouse 
  •  I’m Just A Man- Jason Aldean 
  •  I Lost It- Kenny Chesney 
  •  Settle For a Slowdown- Dierks Bentley 
  •  Please Remember Me- Tim McGraw 
  •  First To Fall- Terri Clark 
  •  Don’t Leave Home- Dido 
  •  Thinking of You- Katy Perry 
  •  Makin’ Plans- Miranda Lambert 
  •  Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris 
  •  Perfect- My Darkest Days 
  •  Radioactive-Imagine Dragons 
  •  Can’t Forget You- My Darkest Days 
  •  These Days- Rascal Flatts 
  •  I’m Moving On- Rascal Flatts 
  •  Wherever You Will Go- Charlene Soraia 
  •  The Story- Brandi Carlile 
  •  She Wolf- David Guetta


    ♥ Always Enough
    “There is nothing worse than pretending that you don’t care about something, when that is all you can think about.”

    Harper Graham wears a mask, and not the pamper kind. She conceals her pain with shoes, shots, and lots of sex. But while her life appears fantastic to most, Harper herself knows that the most important thing in life is not financial stability, but emotional. Having been let down by her absent father for most of her life, Harper chooses to keep the men in her life at arms length. Well, that was until Kyler Morgan.

    Kyler Morgan has been successful at nearly everything in his life … nearly. Traveling the country with the band Down Glory Road, Kyler has had time to reflect upon his life and in particular his relationship with feisty, drop-dead gorgeous realtor, Harper. Realizing that she is the woman of his dreams, Kyler resolves to win back Harper, and prove to her that she is, and always has been, enough.

    But the path to true love rarely runs smoothly, and when their journey takes a number of twists and turns, will Harper and Kyler manage to hold tight, or fall by the wayside?
    Buy links:


  • Another Heart Calls- The All-American Rejects-

  • I Can’t Make You Love Me- Bonnie Raitt
  • The High Road- Three Days Grace
  • My Songs Know what You Did- Fall Out Boy
  • Touch- Josh Abbott Band
  • Easy- Rascal Flatts
  • Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
  • The Great Escape- Pink
  • Just Give Me a Reason- Pink
  • Have A Little Faith In Me
  • Ignition- Matt Stillwell
  • Daylight- Maroon 5
  • Crash My Party- Luke Bryan
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leopard
  • Distance- Christina Perri
  • Two Is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls
  • I Can’t Love You Back- Easton Corbin
  • Wasting All These Tears- Cassaee Pope
  • How She Rolls- Chase Rice
  • Goodbye- Secondhand Serenade
  • I Will Remember You- Ryan Cabrera
  • 36 Days- Hawk Nelson
  • Breathe Me- Sia

  • Author Bio:
    Stacy Borel lives in southeast Texas with her huband, two kids, and two dogs. She is a military wife, and prior to that, was a military brat. She loves picking up and moving somewhere new every two to four years. Stacy is a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. If she isn't online, she is either writing or being a mom or wife.

    Next novel: Touching Scars, coming the first week of December 2013.

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    Full Throttle Cover ReReveal

    Full Throttle
    Book 2.5 of the Daddy’s Girls Series
    Released June 21, 2013
    Rereleased with new cover and fully formatted September 26, 2013


    Purchase Links

    Barnes and Noble:

         High school sweethearts manage to make it through college into the working world still together and going strong.  From the start of their relationship Jake has made very clear his apprehension to marriage.  Kenna understood going into this nine years ago that with Jake there would never be a ring or white dress.
         Now seeing their friends so eager to make such a serious commitment in their own relationships a crack begins to form in Jake and Kenna’s once solid foundation.  
         Will Kenna ever open up and share her dreams with Jake?  Can Jake overcome his childhood issues?  Is Kenna willing to accept things just as they are forever?  Will her desire for a more serious commitment make her change her feelings for her one love?  Is Jake enough alone or does Kenna demand more than he can give?  Can they move forward full throttle into their future together?

    Windows rolled down, radio turned up, just cruising.  I have to get out of my head.  Normally, I would turn off the radio relishing in the sounds of my engine.  Right now, though, silence is an excruciating torture.  Even the road noise, as the tires roll on or the gears changing as I shift up and down, doesn’t bring me solace.  
    Momma always told me, “Never settle for less Kenna Jean.”  Is that what I am doing with Jake?  In all these years his stance on marriage hasn’t budged at all.  Can I accept never having that?
    What about kids?  Jake is and has always been adamant that he doesn’t want children.  When we were in high school and college it was easy to agree with.  I was so focused on my education and career goals, there was no way I could think of having kids.  
    Now school is done and I love my career choice; Jake and I are financially stable.  Thinking of a baby takes on a different thought process for me.  To have a baby, that would be the true joining of me and Jake.  A creation from the love Jake and I share doesn’t seem like a bad idea.  A piece of me, a piece of him, always together, watching over he or she, raising the child together, always connected.  Even if we never marry I would like to be called ‘mommy’ one day.  
    Then I think to the name thing.  By not being married, I wouldn’t share a last name with my kids.  That is unacceptable for me.  There it is, to have a baby, to be a family I do need that level of commitment from Jake.
    Finally having some clarity, I turn down the volume on the radio.  It’s time to get real with myself.  Yes, I want the whole shebang, the whole nine yards.  I long to have the ring, the dress, the wedding, the name, the two point five kids, a dog, a goldfish, and the damn white picket fence.
    There is a freedom in being honest with yourself.  Facing Jake with this, however, is anything but a free feeling.  Am I prepared to lose Jake for my dreams of having a family of my own?

    About the Author
         Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.

    Twitter @chelseacamaron 
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    Friday, September 27, 2013

    Only For You Blog Tour

    Title: Only For You (Boys of the South ~ Book 2)
    Author: Marquita Valentine
    Release: September 10, 2013
    Genre: Contemporary
    Age Group:  New Adult
    Cover designed by: Marquita Valentine
    Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours;

    Loose ends left loose for too long tend to strangle. Cole and Violet knew it wouldn’t be easy. They knew their relationship would take work. But when the press finds out about Violet Lynn’s newest boyfriend, they start digging. And when his past come to light, exposing all of his family’s secrets, their relationship begins to fray.

    Country Music’s Golden Boy, Jaxon Hunter, has it all, except the girl that got away. What she saw, she really didn’t. What she thought happened, he allowed her to believe for reasons so insane that no one would ever have believed him if he had confessed. But now that everything’s out in the open, he’s going to do his damndest to convince her that he’s the only one for her.

    Now Violet must choose between Jaxon— her first love and the guy she thought had cheated on her—and Cole—the guy who helped her heal and love again.

    Or will one of them make the decision for her?

    4 out of 5 Stars

    I fell in love with Violet and Cole in book 1. Watching them slowly fall in love together was amazing, now in Only For You their perfect little world is starting to crumble.  When deals are made and secrets kept people are bound to get hurt. The paparazzi is something Cole never thought he would have to deal with but when his relationship with Violet becomes public knowledge his family becomes a target.  More and more secrets about Coles mother continue to come to light as well, you know just in case Cole didn't have enough to deal with, with raising his brother and sister, finding out who his father is, trying to manage a failing bar, dating a celebrity OH and his own brother trying to steal his girl?  That would be to much for MOST men to handle, but Cole is strong or so I hope he is. Jaxon is determined to get Violet back, his world shattered the night she was in an accident and lost their baby but he couldn't be there for her because he was keeping some secrets of his own and they are not what Violet would expect them to be.  So with Violet leaving to go on tour with Jaxon and her and Cole being on shaky ground one can only wonder who she will choose in the end. Her first love? Or the one who helped mend her broken heart? Violet maybe the sweetest character ever written she is the definition of a southern belle in personality, not so much in appearance and I absolutely adore her and can not imagine all she has suffered. Only for You has amazing writing, a great plot and fantastic characters and is as good as the first. So until next time just know I will be sitting here anxiously awaiting the next installment of The Boys of The South.  

    About the Author

    New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She’s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

    Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man—and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

    Author social media links:

    What's Left of Me Cover Reveal

    Life works in mysterious ways.
    Four years ago I became known as the girl with cancer.
     I refuse to cry.
    And I refuse to give in.

    A relationship with a man is the last thing I’m looking for right now, but one night with Parker changes everything. He is persistent, and he knows what he wants. Me. 
    He doesn’t treat me like I’m fragile.
    But he doesn’t know, and I’m not ready to tell him. 
    What if it changes everything? 
    Tragedy found me when I was seventeen. 
    Love found me when I was twenty-one.
    My name is Aundrea McCall, and this is my journey.  


    I’m grateful when I reach the door to the ladies room that there isn’t anyone around. I reach for the handle when I hear from behind me, “Not going to use the men’s room again?” I know that sexy voice. It’s the same one as earlier this evening in this same area.
    With my heart picking up pace, I turn around smiling sweetly, “No, I’m going to sit down and pee this time.” My smile spreads a little wider and I say a silent thanks to sweet baby Jesus for letting me find my voice this time.
    He doesn’t respond. He just steps closer to me with the corner of his lips spreading upward.
    I don’t breathe.
    I can’t breathe. Not when he is this close.
    God he smells amazing. Like a mixture of spice and mint. Maybe a hint of beer too. It's the type of scent that would awaken a primal desire within any female, and good God do I feel awakened.
    “You ran off before I could thank you for the dance earlier.” No, thank you. His voice is a faint whisper and his face is now so close that our noses are almost touching. I glance down at his very attractive red lips just as the corners of his mouth move up into the most beautiful smile. Shit. He knows I’m looking at his lips.
    I’m transfixed by him. In this very moment, I would do whatever he said or answer to any name he called; even if it was one of those fluffy names like baby or princess. All I can think about is the desire flowing through my body for those lips to be on mine. I would take him in this hallway. There I said it. Or, did I think it?
    Do something.
    I look back at his lips.
    I lick my own.
    I can’t think about anything but wanting to feel his lips against mine. All thoughts go out the window of me not being able to pick up a man at a bar. I don’t care, but I will say any cheesy pick up line if it means I get to go home with him.
    I know he’s watching me. He has to be thinking about my lips too because just then his tongue comes out licking his own. I try to think of something else to do, but nothing comes to mind. I feel him close the distance between us. He puts a finger under my chin for the second time tonight lifting my face so I’m looking right into his eyes. Without taking his eyes off mine he speaks in a quiet, low, raspy whisper, “I’m going to kiss you now.”
    Without waiting for my permission, his lips crash down against mine. He takes my top lip into his mouth tugging ever so gently. I let out a soft moan as his tongue lightly traces my lips- tasting me. I can smell the fresh mint and beer off his breath and all I can think about is tasting it. I grab his neck brining him closer -opening my mouth- inviting him in. He groans as I wrap my arms around his neck running my hands through his hair.
    Shit, if I die tomorrow, I can die a happy woman knowing this was my last kiss.
    His tongue enters my mouth and I meet it with my own. He reaches down to lift me up and I let him. I wrap my legs around his waist just as he slams my back against the wall in the corner of the hallway. There’s a rush of pain that shoots down my legs causing me to cry out. He must take that as a cry of pleasure because he kisses me harder.
    I feel my dress rise all the way to my waist exposing myself for anyone that walks by. My head falls back against the wall and he immediately starts kissing down my chin to my neck, then up to my earlobe bringing it into his mouth biting down. “Do you want to get out of here?” He whispers so softly into my ear I almost don’t think I hear him correctly. When he asks me again I just nod in agreement. Afraid if I were to say anything it wouldn’t be yes, and I really want it to be yes.
    Setting me down, he runs his hands over my dress laying it back into place, then grabs my hand and starts speed walking away heading towards the red exit sign.
    What’s Left of Me. Copyright 2013. Amanda Maxlyn. Unedited and Subject to Change.

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    About Amanda: 

    I am the mother of two little boys, married to the love of my life, and living in one of the smallest towns in Minnesota. When I’m not chasing or cleaning up after my boys (yes, all three), I can be found writing or snuggled up with my kindle, a glass of wine, and spending time with my fictional friends and family.
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    Beyond Repair Cover Rereveal

    Beyond Repair
    Book 3 of the Daddy’s Girls Series
    by Chelsea Camaron
    Contemporary Romance
    Released Aug 31, 2013
    Rereleased with new cover and fully formatted September 27, 2013


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    Barnes and Noble

         Harrison and Tiffany have a long history of hooking up.  Harrison decides he wants more.  Tiffany, a spoiled Southern Belle is embarrassed by a working class Harrison.  After over two years apart Tiffany is missing his touch.  She heads to Charlotte to claim her man.  
         Harrison is finally settled in Charlotte.  He has a job he loves, his sister close by, great friends, and an awesome agreement going with Sophia.  
         Can Sophia ever want more from Harrison than just sex?  Has Harrison fallen in love or just lust with Sophia?
          After all this time and hurt feelings, is he really meant to be with Tiffany?  Can Harrison manage to let his guard down and find his way back to Tiffany?  Will Tiffany be satisfied with a regular working class mechanic?  Or is their relationship in the past and beyond repair?

    She doesn’t speak she gets up, comes over and perches on my lap.  “Harrison, I make no promises for a future with you.  I can’t give you my heart, it’s already taken.  I can’t get it back and I don’t want to.  I can give you a little more than sex.  We can be friends, confidants, and partners.  I can’t give you my heart.  I care about you but I can’t promise a long term future.”
    “What holds you back, Sophia?  I don’t understand.  You know I care about you, and you just said you care about me.  Why can’t we do more than fuck?  Why can’t we get serious?”  Anger now building inside me.
    “Harrison, I don’t want to talk about it.  I want you to know exactly what I can give you.  I’m giving you more than I’ve given anyone in years.  Maybe one day, in time, when things are smoothed out, we can have it all.  No promises though.  Right now, this is what I can give.  Is it enough for you Harrison?”
    Before I answer, she kisses me.  Her scent invades my nostrils, passion overtaking me.  It’s more than we had and a maybe for our future.  I will take it and go with it.  Life is short, no more regrets.  Breaking away from her kiss, I growl.
    “Bedroom, now.”  I command.
    We are both stripping as we make our way down the hall.  In the bedroom, Sophia lays on her bed, waiting for me.  
    “For now, are you mine?”  I ask, wanting her to own my claim on her.
    “Yes, Harrison, yours.”  She whispers.
    I reach into the nightstand.  Pulling out the long, black, silk scarf, I begin to blindfold her.  Once secure that she can no longer see, I pull one arm up to the back of her head.  Bending her elbow, I secure her wrist behind her head with the end of the scarf using to blindfold her.  I follow suit with the second arm.  She’s now gloriously naked, with her hands tied behind her head, blindfold in place, and her other senses now heightened.  
    Anticipation takes arousal to new places.  I stand over her, close enough she can sense me, and far enough away that she knows I won’t touch her.  She arches her back, pressing her breasts out.  Her firm, taut nipples are calling out for attention.  Wiggling her ass, her pussy is aching for the slightest of releases.  I stand back still waiting.  Her breathing quickens, desire, expectancy, eagerness, and keenness all taking over as I do nothing.  She knows I’m going to ravish her body, she doesn’t know the moment or the way.
    Taking my middle finger behind my thumb, I sharply flick her erect nipple.  She cries out from the simple touch.  I retreat, leaving the room only momentarily to grab an ice cube from her freezer.  Coming back to find her still squirming, I smile.  I reach over with my now very cold fingers and firmly pinch her other nipple as I come down hard with my mouth on her other breast.  Fire and ice as my mouth devours her areola and puckers her nipple when I suck.  With my hand, I’m swirling the ice cube around her other breast.  She arches further, seeking more, whimpering with need.  
    I move up now nipping at her collarbone.  I let my ice cube filled hand travel south, circling her belly button.  I dip a finger in, rotating around like I will soon be mimicking inside her pussy.  Her hips are coming up, seeking the same devotion shown to her breasts.
    “Be still, Soph, its coming.  You’ve tortured me knowing I’ve wanted more; now take this as I choose to give it to you.”
    With no further teasing, I take the ice cube and insert it in to the outer edge of her core.  She gasps, unprepared for the cold sensation.  I have not yet touched her clit or given any other attention to her needy pussy.  I circle the ice cube, gently in and out, not allowing her additional contact or friction.  Her body trembles in want.  I move down, stopping to suck on her belly button, giving her a taste of how my tongue is about to overwhelm her pussy.
    I reach my destination, inhaling her musky scent of arousal.  I loudly suck in the remainder of the ice cube with my mouth, tasting cold water flavored by Sophia’s own juices.  Using my tongue I tease her pussy lips, blowing my warm breath on the cold skin of her opening.  I take her clit, sucking and licking.  I insert a finger into her core; she’s dripping, so I add another.  I keep a steady pace of finger fucking while licking up every bit of her that I can.  I feel her tightening around me, as she is on the edge, I withdraw my fingers.  I take the skin just in the fold of legs and pussy and pinch firmly.  Sophia cries out incoherently at the unexpected pain in her stimulated state.  Her orgasm begins and I keep my mouth in place, licking, sucking, and pushing her for more.  As she comes down, I move up her body, pressing my weight onto her as she is shaking in aftershocks.  
    I kiss her hard so she can taste herself on my tongue.  Needing my own release, I flip her over, leaving her blindfolded, hands behind her head.  I push her knees up under her, pushing her ass up in the air, keeping her face buried into the bed.  I cover myself with a condom.
    “You want my cock now, Soph?”  I ask.  She doesn’t answer just nods her head in agreement.  
    “I asked you a question.  You gonna answer.”
    “Yes, Harrison, yes, I want your cock, now.”  She cries out.
    Without giving her any warning, I come down hard, smacking her ass.  She groans at the sharp pain.  I come down again in the same spot, creating a beautiful blush to her tanned skin.  Before she can think about my next move, I enter her from behind, hard, fast, and all the way.  Balls deep in Sophia, I pause to feel the responsiveness of her pussy gripping and milking my dick.  Once I’ve composed myself to hold back my release at the tightness of her core, I begin pumping into her at a furious pace.  The rough contact pushing Sophia’s head further down into the mattress, I continue the onslaught.  This is banging.  Fucking.Raw, rough, uncontained banging.  I reach down, releasing her arms and the blindfold.  I lock my fingers into her hair and tug her head back.  The sensation on pulling her hair sends Sophia over the edge.  Her knees give out at her orgasm, her body collapsing beneath me.  I pull out, turn her over.  Allowing her a moment to pull through her release, I massage her legs, kissing gently on her belly and breasts.  As the aftershocks subside, I rub the head of my penis over her sensitive clit, letting my piercings hit in a gentle massaging pattern.  I enter her as I wrap her legs around my waist.  I begin pumping in and out of her again, this time at a considerate pace.  Her pussy milking me, I feel the build of her climax coming so deep in my balls its pushing me to my edge.  As my own climax builds, I take my mouth and capture her nipple, sucking in.  We both reach oblivion together.  Spent, her legs fall off of me.  I get up and dispose of the condom.  By the time I’m back to her bed, Sophia is asleep on her side.  I get in, snuggling this beautiful woman to me.  My body satisfied in its release, I drift off to sleep.  

    About the Author
         Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.

    Twitter @chelseacamaron 

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