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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shooting Scars Review

Sometimes the right choice
can be the deadliest.When Ellie Watt made the
ultimate sacrifice for
Camden McQueen, she
never thought it would be
easy. But walking away
with her ex-lover, Javier
Bernal, in order to ensure
Camden's safety has
brought a whole new set of
dangers. With Javier's
plans for Ellie growing
more secretive by the
moment, Ellie must find a
way to stay ahead of the
game before her past
swallows her whole.

Meanwhile, Camden's new life is short-lived. Fueled by
revenge and pursued by authorities, he teams up with an
unlikely partner in order to save Ellie. But as Camden toes the
line between love and retribution, he realizes that in order to
get back the woman he loves, he may have to lose himself in
the process. He might just turn into the very man he's

5 out of 5 stars

Holy Crap! 
These books seriously just keep getting better and better. Now I'm still 100% Team Cam, because he is just the better man in my opinion, but you Team Javi fans? Shooting Scars "might" have a little hope for you. Shooting Scars is jam packed with action, suspense and a downright amazing story line. These are unlike anything out there right now, which makes them all the more special to me. I know some people had a hard time connecting to Ellie because she isn't our typical heroine, but to me that makes her so much better because she is truly flawed, YES she has made some bad decisions in her life (in my opinion Javi being one of them but hey thats me) but I think when it really comes right down to the nitty gritty she is truly a good person.  Cam OH CAM how do I count the ways I love you. This man had NO reason to stick by Ellies side but yet there he is loving her and "trying" to always do the right thing by her and his own son. Javi how do I count the ways I loathe you... I sorta liked him in On Every Street (I read it before I read Sins and Needles) then I was disgusted by him but YET I can understand the draw Ellie feels towards him. Shooting Scars is A ROLLER COASTER  RIDE of not only action but emotions, because seriously you will be going OH MY GOD
a whole hell of a lot, but this book is worth every single second you will spend reading and then some. I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment!!

About the Author
The daughter of a Norwegian Viking and a Finnish Moomin,
Karina Halle grew up in Vancouver, Canada with trolls and eternal
darkness on the brain. This soon turned into a love of all things that
go bump in the night and a rather sadistic appreciation for freaking
people out.
Karina holds a screenwriting degree from Vancouver Film
School and a Bachelor of Journalism from TRU. Her travel writing,
music reviews/interviews and photography have appeared in
publications such as Consequence of Sound, Mxdwn and GoNomad
Travel Guides. She currently splits her time between her apartment
in downtown Vancouver and her sailboat, where a book and a bottle
of wine are always at hand. She is hard at work on her next novel.
Karina met her fiance when she was casting a
book trailer for the third book of my Experiment
in Terror series. He answered the Craiglist ad for
the character of Dex and it was love at first.
The main character in The Artist Trilogy is named
Ellie, who is named after Karina’s old dog, who
was named after the character Ellie Satler in
Jurassic Park, one of her favorite books and

Connect with Karina online!
Facebook: @KarinaHalle
Twitter: @MetalBlonde

Book It!
SHOOTING SCARS by Karina Halle
Publisher: Forever Yours Digital Original
ISBN-13: 9781455552160
$2.99; August 20, 2013

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