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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Do Over Blog Tour

Title: The Do Over

Author:  A.L. Zaun

Release date: May 20th, 2013

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour organized by: AToMR Tours


Life doesn't look like it's supposed to for Daniela, aka Dani. After a painful break-up with Rick, Dani decides she doesn't want to deal with the hassles of relationship.

After almost two years, Dani's friends stage an intervention, forcing her out of her holding pattern and back into the real world of dating.

Liam, a down to earth firefighter, may be just the person to show her she’s still worth something. Their chemistry is instant and electric. But will Dani be able to trust her patched-up heart with him?

And what will happen when Rick decides he’ll go to any lengths to get her back?

4 out of 5 Hearts

Holy Love triangle!
 photo tumblr_m7olngjFFu1ry99lqo1_500_zps8a8ea849.gif

Just like our heroine I do love an angsty Love triangle, I also love how she calls herself a book slut. Yes yes I do! What I didn't like was how she thought about her self which isn't exactly her fault. I have to say right at the beginning I thought "Hey I kinda like Rick"  that lasted all of 5 minutes tops. When he crushes poor Daniela I wanted to punch him
 photo beatup_zps81b5062c.gif

which of course he will want to do to himself later... Anyway! Then we get introduced to Liam, sweet and sexy Liam and I was all like
 photo tumblr_mk8go6feI51s5mpquo1_r2_250_zps7398795c.gif
(that means happy) haha ok where was I? Yes sweet sexy FIREMAN (as if he couldn't get any better) Liam who is instantly drawn to her and even tries READING for her! Mhm he tried to read.. DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER!
 photo tumblr_m29sj1IeEO1rnsczco1_500_zpsc3a6faff.gif

But of course nothing is easy. Rick sees Daniela at the club and realizes what a GIGANTIC  douche he was and devises a plan to win her back with the help of the sexy Madison (Maddy who is kinda of like the female him). Chance run ins with Rick leave Daniela wondering how she really feels.
Oh ya and the SEX  was like
 photo tumblr_lxrg2lUik51r9kp3yo1_500_zps5c655cb9.gif

Who will she choose?
Is LOVE really only an illusion?
Find out in THE DO OVER!

About the Author
A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature a long time ago.  A degree she didn’t use at all in her professional endeavors.  She loves to read, write and take pictures.  She walks around with her camera, and most importantly she has her e-reader available at all times.  Healthcare Management by day, Mommy in the evening and most nights, you can find her sitting in front of her laptop with a bottle of Diet Pepsi, bringing the voices in her head to life on the pages of her debut novel, The Do Over. 

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  1. I loved this book & I would absolutely LOVE to have the print copy to add to my collection!!!
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