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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giving You Forever Review


From the moment Nolan Pratt walked into Alexa Arnold’s life everything was forever changed. After a year of dating, the ring was on her finger, the house was purchased, and life was heading down Pleasantville Lane. Everything was perfect.

Or so they thought.

With help from his parent’s inheritance, Nolan takes on a new business adventure, utilizing all his free time. What was once their life- carefree with minimal responsibilities, is no more. When Alexa starts to feel the pressure from school, wedding planning, and lack of help from Nolan, exhaustion kicks in and feelings get hurt, testing the strength of their relationship. But, if there is one thing that Nolan will never compromise, it’s Alexa’s happiness. There’s nothing Nolan Pratt won’t do to make sure Alexa is well taken care of, loved, and happy.

When Nolan’s past resurfaces- a past that Alexa didn’t know existed- will it all be too much? Will Nolan’s devotion to Alexa’s happiness cost him their relationship and lose him the only thing that has ever mattered in his life? Or will Nolan discover that his past doesn’t determine his future and he is worth the happiness he doesn’t think he deserves?

4 out of 5 Stars

Holy Crap!! Hold on I need a minute!  photo tumblr_lpfjknWeMw1qafrh6_zps05ea8127.gif Crap this book is HOT!!  photo tumblr_m6eem8nNsk1qkuabbo1_400_zps9124ebf6.gif If you have read other Ashley Wilcox books know this is much MORE SEXY then her others...  photo cFPOD_zps6e9e5b30.gif Nolan... Nolan ..Ashley Wilcox  photo birthday-blond-hair-brittany-murphy-dakota-fanning-fashion-Favimcom-240253_zpsf1377251.gif Really Can I? Because this guy is HOT and Sweet and so damn thoughtful, I would get mad at Alexa, Like why DO YOU GET HIM!!! Except Alexa and Nolan were made for each other, she is everything that he needs, only she can get through to him when he needs her the most.  photo tumblr_mdjfhqGzIw1rknwivo1_500_zpsa0c6d4b4.gif Giving you Forever had me in tears, laughing and swooning. Such a great story of love and overcoming your demons. Wilcox never disappoints with her amazing writing and amazing story telling ability. Grab this one! (*Arc provided in exchange for an honest review*)

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