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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Love Like This Release Contest!

A Love Like This Release Contest!

Leave a comment  listing the reason(s) why Kahlen should visit your city.  It could be the city is awesome or you want to plan a signing event, go to dinner with Kahlen….etc. Your comments are a free-for-all.
July 16, the admin of each blog will pick one comment
(based on how compelling the reader’s argument) as their finalist!
Entries will be submitted to Kahlen’s assistant, Laura Wilk:
Laura  will strip the entries of any identifying information and pass them along.
Kahlen will anonymously pick a winner from the finalists
based on the best argument and she will arrange to visit before the end of 2013.

So how freaking cool is that!! So leave a comment with your reasons and if I like yours the most I'll send it on over and MAYBE she will be coming to your city!! 


  1. Why should she come to Phoenix, AZ? Hello, beautiful whether all year and the scenery! It's brown because of the desert but the valley is beautiful! We have Sedona not to fat away and of course the Grand Canyon as well (just a little further away). Breath taking! A must see!

  2. I could wax poetic on the marvels to be found in my fair city. I could expound on the natural and man made attractions, gush over local celebrities, and lure you with sparkling neon lights and dreams of big fortunes, but all I really need to say is.....

    What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!

  3. She should come to Minnesota! The weather is beautiful! There are lots of places to visit! It would be awesome to o to dinner with her!

  4. I live in Albany New York which happens to be the state capital.....the short two hour drive to New York City also known as the Big Apple where you could watch plays, go to Central Park, Times Square, great shopping, great people and then drive the 2 hours back or take the train .....a lot of people like that to Albany where its a little more personal not so city's a great time from beginning to end!!!!