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Monday, April 1, 2013

Review of Ten Reasons to Stay by Sabrina Jeffries

                         Ten Reasons to Stay 
by Sabrina Jeffries

In “Ten Reasons to Stay,” previously published in the anthology The School for Heiresses, lessons go far beyond etiquette and needlepoint. Eliza Crenshawe’s lesson is to look before she leaps. But when she discovers that her new guardian plans to marry her off without so much as a Season, she forgets all that. She flees—on a horse she unwittingly steals (oops!)—from Colin Hunt, a newly minted earl who wants nothing more than for her to go home…or stay forever.

Review by Nicole Delfs - Ebook supplied from NetGalley for an honest review. (I also own the book of anthologies* containing this novella, but this is the first time it will be available on electronic format.) *Previously published as The School for Heiresses with novella's by Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, Julia London, & Renee Bernars
5 Stars!

If you've read the School for Heiresses Series then you'll be familiar with a few of the characters mentioned. This story even though it is a novella has all the heart and flair the rest of Sabrina Jeffries books do.  Not a big fan of novella's myself, I can honestly say while the book was shorter that one of her regular books it in no way lacks depth or substance.  Colin Hunt, newly titled  Earl of Monteith has had a hard life, losing his wife and blaming himself - well is it any wonder that all he seeks is peace. Eliza Crenshawe with a propensity for drama and a sassy no holds barred attitude brings anything but peace.  Running from her conniving Uncle,  also recently appointed guardian, who has quickly arranged an unwanted marriage, claiming Eliza's fortune is lost and he can't afford a proper season, makes absolutely no sense.  So, Eliza intends to borrow a horse from the Monteith Estate, without knowing the Duke of Foxmoor's Cousin inherited the title and is currently in residence,  hoping to reach Mrs. Harris and escaping the insidious plot against her. Unfortunately for Eliza, Colin has no plans of letting her leave; after all a woman, even one dressed as a boy, doesn't understand the danger of traversing at night and alone.  This heartwarming tale is one you won't soon forget!  If you're a fan of Historical Romance, I encourage to read Ten Reason to Stay and any other books by Sabrina Jeffries.  She is one of my favorite Historical Romance authors and Ten Reasons to Stay doesn't disappoint.

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