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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Battlescars by Sophie Monroe

4.5 out of 5 stars
" My granny always says "Women are like angels, when someone breaks our wings we continue to fly around on our broomsticks because we're flexible like that"


Jake Parker is Unbelievable he is the man you want, sweet, caring, funny, sexy and rich! Aubrey is almost broken you want to take her into your arms a d tell her everything is going to be okay. The two of them together is magic the were built for each other. I loved Aubrey's sassy sense of humor and that she could give as good as she got, and Jake just fit her perfectly. The band members Derek, Blake and Kevin are the type of guys you wish you had as brothers growing up protective and funny and great secondary character. And lets not forget Granny Jean, Caroline, Tim and Piper because they were also amazing character witty and sweet, and sometimes you really just couldn't believe the things com gout of Granny Jeans mouth. 
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The book is very well written and flows very nicely. Sometimes when reading a book where the romance moves very quickly you don't fell it, that just isn't the case with Battlescars yes it moved quickly but it just seemed right. Sophie Monroe has outdone herself with this story it was excellent and I can't wait for the next installment with Blake's story! Amazingly heartfelt characters and great humor!

Meet Aubrey Thompson a 23 year old flight attendant. She works for her dad who owns a small fleet of commercial aircrafts. They usually fly middle aged businessmen. This flight she will be flying Jake Parker, the lead singer of Battlescars.
She's strong willed, hilarious and says what most people would never. Jake is a typical rockstar, or so Aubrey thinks. Together they've met their match, in hell. In order to keep her dad's company a float they will have to play nice...

Here's a peek:
“Who are we flying this time? It better not be that creepy Carter guy again. I left him walking funny for a week last time.”
“No, he’s no longer a client here.” My dad said with a flinch. Carter Murphy was an arrogant ass. His dad owns Murphy Enterprises and he thinks he’s entitled to everything he wants, including women. He learned the lesson the hard way with me that you can’t always get what you want. We were flying from Houston to Dallas, a complete waste of fossil fuel if you ask me, when he decided he wanted to cop a feel. Boy was he surprised when I copped a feel of my own and twisted, hard. I still wish I had a Polaroid of his face. I would hang it as a warning to anyone else that wanted a try.

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This song reminds me of Aubrey (Don't judge how my mind works) lol

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