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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Afflicted Sneak Peek!!!!!

                                                           ^^Sophie's Inspiration for Blake *Insert swoon here*

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This is coming straight from Sophie's page!

Sneak-Peek Sunday! So for all my Blake lovers out there here's a peek into Afflicted...
This is part of the prologue (it's also rough and un-edited) :)

Battlescars just finished playing a set in downtown LA. We had a bunch of regular gigs lined up while we were in the studio recording. We managed to build up a super fan base over the past twelve months. I like to say that good boy Blake died that fateful day in Arizona and bad-boy Blake was born. I joined in on the promiscuous girls, and the drinking. We all had a strict no drug policy, especially after what Jake experienced growing up, so I just stuck to the friends, chicks, guitars and beers. I just met this smoking hot girl named Hayley. She was a petite brunette with the body of a swimsuit model. We were just stepping up to the bar when I saw a familiar face walking toward me. Rowan. She looked the same. She flashed me her bright white smile and walked up to me.

“Blake!” She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me into a hug. I reached an arm around her back and hugged her back halfheartedly. It was uncomfortable considering the last time I saw her was when she shot down my proposal. I pulled out of the embrace and looked apologetically at Hayley. There go my chances of getting laid tonight. She walked over to Jake instead who already had one on his lap. He was known to multi-task in the bedroom. “It’s so good to see you.” She said happily.

I hated to admit it, but it was kind of good to see her too. I missed the familiar faces of home. She told me that she was in LA for the weekend visiting a friend that went to school here. I ordered my drink and went to take a seat at the bar. She followed me over and we got to talking. The next thing I knew we were in my apartment tearing each others clothes off and hopping into bed.

She climbed on top of me and sank down before riding me like a bull. Dammit, if she didn’t still feel so fucking good. Even though I’ve been having tons of sex lately there was still something special between us. I reminded myself that this was strictly just no strings attached sex. (sex scene omitted) As soon as I felt her come I blew my load and kicked myself for not wearing a condom. Then again this was Rowan…
“Thanks, Blake. I needed that.” She said collecting her clothes and heading for the door.
“It was good seeing you too, Rowan.” I called after her.

This time I just stayed in bed and lit up a cigarette. 

I'm already half in love with Blake from Battlescars! You have no idea how excited I am for this book!!

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