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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free book's of the day - 2/6/13 - Enjoy!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Hubby worked 16 hours every other day last week except for Sunday and on top of that I came down with a sinus infection. So, I just didn't have a whole lot of time for much else. Feeling quite a bit better today and I'm happy to bring you some awesome freebies! Happy reading!

Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware - Carolyn McCray

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime. 
Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware
A Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal...

A city paralyzed by a serial killer stalking the night, taking a most gruesome trophy.
The only standing in the murderer's way is an FBI profiler...recently released from a mental institution.

Plain Jane combines the swift action of Patterson with the macabre of Harris.

Just remember to keep the lights on when reading this one!

Get "Plain Jane" here!

Out of Time - Monique Martian

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime. 
Mystery, romance and adventure...

Professor Simon Cross has spent his life searching for evidence of vampires and avoiding emotional entanglements. When a mysterious accident transports Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth West, back in time, Simon finally finds both the proof that he's been looking for, and the romance that he hasn't.

Simon and Elizabeth's developing relationship is tested by demons real and imagined. In 1920s Manhattan, there are more than mobsters vying for power in the city's speakeasies. When the local kingpin with a dark secret sets his sights on Elizabeth, day to day struggles become a fight for their very lives.

Get "Out of Time" here!

Untraceable - S. R. Johannes

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime

Grace has lived in the Smokies all her life, patrolling with her forest ranger father who taught her about wildlife, tracking, and wilderness survival. When her dad goes missing on a routine patrol, Grace refuses to believe he's dead and fights the town authorities, tribal officials, and nature to find him.

One day, while out tracking clues, Grace is rescued from danger by Mo, a hot guy with an intoxicating accent and a secret. As her feelings between him and her ex-boyfriend get muddled, Grace travels deep into the wilderness to escape and find her father. 

Along the way, Grace learns terrible secrets that sever relationships and lives. Soon she's enmeshed in a web of conspiracy, deception, and murder. And it's going to take a lot more than a compass and a motorcycle (named Lucifer) for this kick-butting heroine to save everything she loves.

                                                                                Get "Untraceable" here!

Summer Lovin' - Donna Cummings

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime. 

Everyone should have at least one wild fling on their resumé.

Mia volunteers to dogsit for two weeks, giving her a chance to figure out the next step in her life, and career. She discovers it's not easy chasing after a puppy with a shoe fetish, but there's a reward for all her troubles: the hunky guy next door.

Luke is a workaholic forced to take two weeks' vacation, and at first he's sure the downtime might kill him. But then he gets to know his temporary neighbor. She's sexy and fun, and all of a sudden, two weeks isn't nearly enough time.


Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime. 
What do you do when your father wants to turn you into a vampire and the man who offers you protection has his own, dark agenda?

Shawna Rawley has no choice but to run. Pentim Rawley, one of the most evil vampires who has ever lived, has just discovered that she is his daughter. Now he’s obsessed with finding and turning her. She doesn’t want Pentim to find the people she loves and use them to get to her. She doesn’t want him to find and turn her. She has only one ace up her sleeve. The human in her may be at risk, but in addition to being half vamp, Shawna is also a white witch!

Chad MacFare has an offer for Shawna he thinks she can’t afford to refuse: he’ll protect her from Pentim and his minions. But Shawna doesn’t trust the sexy immortal. She knows he has his own agenda—he wants to kill her father, and he wants to set her up as bait…

Just a Little Crush - Tracie Puckett

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime. 
When a class assignment requires seventeen-year-old Julie to shadow someone on the job, she's overwhelmed by the decisions she'll have to make. After all, she has no clue what she wants from life post-graduation. So when her Uncle Charlie, Oakland's Chief of Police, suggests Julie fulfill her twenty hours of required job shadowing at the local police department, she's thrilled at his solution. Thinking she'll spend her days filing paperwork behind a desk, she finds herself quickly agreeing to his proposition. But Julie's expectations are soon turned upside down when she meets Luke, the young and handsome (albeit somewhat stubborn) officer she's assigned to shadow on patrol. 

With every hour she logs with Luke at the wheel, her feelings stir deeper, and Julie can't help but wonder if what she's feeling has developed into more than just a little crush.

Get "Just a Little Crush" here!

Rogue's Honor - Brenda Hiatt

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime.
To escape her stepmother's matchmaking machinations, Lady Pearl runs away, pretending to be a common housemaid, with the help of her abigail. When she is rescued from the near-disaster of recognition by a charming serving-man, Pearl pretends to be simpleminded to safeguard herself from any unwanted advances. But soon she begins to suspect that her rescuer is far more than the common servant he seemed at first.

Luke St. Clair lives a double life, pretending to be a gentleman while in reality sustaining himself and the needy as the notorious Robin Hood-type thief, the Saint of Seven Dials. The last thing he needs in his life is a beautiful simpleton in need of protection. But "Purdy" proves to be anything but simple—or common! Once he learns the truth, does he dare continue, in the ballrooms of the elite, the flirtation that began in the slums of London? The risk is enormous, but Lady Pearl's sweet kisses may just be worth it.

The Mystic Wolves - Belinda Boring

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime.
What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator? 

Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason's commands. With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she'll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength - once given, oaths are unbreakable ... even if it means risking it all.

Blissfully Snowbound - Red Phoenix 

Price as of 2/6/13 prices are subject to change at anytime.
Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan and Jenny make it before the blizzard strikes. That leaves them alone together for five days. With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for each other, things start to heat up. Dan has a crush on her and finds creative ways to seduce Jenny. By the time it's over, the two must make a choice - either way, hearts will suffer.

This sexy novelette explores what happens when two responsible adults find themselves in a situation where hidden love can flourish.

Summer Loving - Rivka Spicer

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
Elise Waterford is a struggling writer, working as a columnist for a tiny local paper, when an article she wrote about the perils of internet dating lands on the desk of Taylor Stone, editor of the most influential magazine in Europe. Impressed with her style, he offers her a challenge she can't refuse: 6 guys, 6 weeks...can she turn around their hapless internet dating history and blog for the magazine while she does it?

Confused by her deliciously dishy boss and swept off her feet by the local librarian, Elise sets out on an emotional journey with her projects, only to discover that the path to love is dark and sometimes painful. Who is the mysterious Mr X leaving love letters on her blog? Who knew that life in the city could be so complicated? Sometimes it's not about who's out there, it's about who's looking.

Packed with humour, emotion and lots of cake, this is a book for anyone that's ever looked for love and been surprised where they found it.

                                                                               Get "Summer Loving" here!

Switching Places - Katherine Emrick

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
Angela Gray has been spending a lot of time with her new online friend. He's told her a lot about himself but she has to wonder what he's really like. 

A surprise trip to Sydney, where he's supposed to have his own computer business, gives her the opportunity to meet him. She wonders if he'll be anything like he is online. Or if he'll like her. Little does she know it's been his son talking to her all this time. 

Matthew Unger has every intention of coming clean to Angela. Until he sees her. And falls in love.

Perfectly Star Crossed - Victoria Rose

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
Read as two lovers from rival families fall secretly in love. The plot turns as one family orders a hit on the other. 

Lies, love, and murder is the only life Delilah knows. Lies laced with blood and revenge and survival. She has been a pawn in everyone else's game until she finds she is falling in love with Isaiah. Now Delilah must decide if she is to make her own lies, make her own love and save the one she is missioned to murder.

An Unexpected Valentine - RJ Steele

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
Perpetually single Kelly expects her Valentine's Day to be the same as any other. While her friends brag about their upcoming romantic outings, Kelly expects to spend the day... alone.

Then she receives a mysterious text message from an anonymous sender: BE MY VALENTINE 

Though reluctant at first, Kelly agrees to meet her secret admirer on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day. But is there something her secret admirer isn't telling her?

Womanizer - Joanne Ellis

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
When glamorous model Isabelle meets the mercurial photographer Mitch Montgomery during a photo shoot, she vows to have nothing to do with him on a personal level, however irresistible he might be, because of his fearsome reputation as an incorrigible womanizer.

However, despite herself, Isabelle finds Mitch indeed irresistible and is soon falling in love with him, convinced that he has changed his ways since meeting her.

But, just as Isabelle decides this is the man for her, she starts to receive letters from someone called ‘A’, the first initial of her dead husband’s name, warning her against any relationship with Mitch as not being the man he seems to be.

Are these communications from a dead man, from a stalker or from someone providing her with timely advice?

                                                                               Isabelle is about to find out.

                                                                               Get "Womanizer" here!

Heir to the Underworld - E.D. Walker

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.
Feisty Frederica Fitzgerald is just one day shy of her sweet sixteen when she's nearly run over by a tall, dark dreamboat on a big black horse. Freddy can deal with the running over part--no harm done. The problem is the rider, Mr. Sex Bomb himself: Polydegmon, son of Hades and heir to the Greek Underworld.

Freddy's hooked on Polydegmon from the start (although dude, togas went out of style several thousand years ago), being near him is enough to make her tingle down to her toes. But he's got secrets he isn't sharing, and trouble follows him closer than his own shadow: rabid dogs running around the suburbs, insane crows stalking Freddy and, worst of all, the feral fairies of the Wild Hunt trolling her hometown for their next bit of human game.

The closer Freddy gets to Deg, the weirder her life becomes, until Freddy discovers something about her own past that changes everything she ever thought she knew about herself. And her world...

                                                                               Get "Heir to the Underworld" here!

KISS OF AN ANGEL - Janelle Denison

Price as of 2/6/13 prices subject to change at anytime.

The last thing J.T. Rafferty expected when he awoke from a concussion was to find a beautiful stranger tending to his wounds. She’d saved his life, but the lovely Caitlan Daniels had some serious explaining to do – like how she’d ended up on his isolated ranch, miles from civilization. Despite his wariness, J.T. is increasingly drawn to Caitlan. She is passionate and independent and utterly enchanting – but Caitlan also has a secret. And when J.T. finally discovers the shocking truth, he’ll have to defy heaven and earth to keep her close to his heart.

Get "Kiss of an Angel" here!

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