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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review Grounding Quinn ~ Steph Campbell

5 out of 5 Stars!

Quinn is a total mess even before she meets Ben, but when she screws it all up she goes on a downward spiral that can only end in disaster. This is a YA book though it didn't exactly feel like one while reading it. Quinn's family is pure DRAMA I don't know how the poor girl is not more screwed up. Talk about an emotional roller coaster, I cried for Quinn, my heart ached for Ben, and Carter was awesome! I guess this was a companion novel to Delicate (which i have bought and will read after i read Beautiful Things Never Last the follow up to Grounding Quinn. Basically if you like a book that's going to make you feel go and get this one. 


Eighteen-year-old Quinn MacPherson's biggest fear has always been turning out like her mentally unstable mother. (Solving algebraic equations comes in as a close second.)

That is, until she meets Benjamin Shaw.

Quinn thinks hooking up with Ben over summer vacation will be nothing more than a quick fling. She can’t even commit to a nail polish choice, much less some guy.

Unfortunately for her, Ben is not just some guy. Ben gets her- the real her, flaws and all- and that scares the hell out of her.

When Ben does the unthinkable- tells Quinn he’s in love with her- she does what comes naturally. She pushes him away. Ben can only watch from a distance as Quinn lashes out, and punishes him for daring to care about her. 

But how far can you push someone, even someone who loves you, before they are gone for good?

**GROUNDING QUINN contains sexual situations, drug use, alcohol consumption, and swearing. It is intended for mature or older readers.

GROUNDING QUINN is a companion book to DELICATE. Though GROUNDING QUINN was published before DELICATE, DELICATE does take place the year before. Therefore, GROUNDING QUINN may contain some spoilers to DELICATE.

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