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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Delicate ~ Steph Campbell

"Letting go is never easy. Especially when you can't see where you're going to land. But I've learned that sometimes, you just have to throw your weight behind the change. Take the chance that you may fall"

This book take place before Grounding Quinn. 

Wow this book read like a great lifetime movie ( I LOVE THOSE) Sydney's life is perfect she's a great gymnast has good grades and a hot boyfriend, what more could a teenage girl ask for? Then Grant the new kid shows up at school and he's beyond sweet, and her relationship with Travis takes a turn for the worse. You have those moments in this book where you just wish you could shake Sydney and then you want to hug her and tell her everything will be okay. Great read!
4 out of 5  Heart rating!


 Sydney Pierce has just met the guy of her dreams…just don’t tell her psycho boyfriend, Trevor.

With a gorgeous boyfriend, a thriving gymnastics career and a stellar academic record, anyone would assume that Sydney has it all. That's precisely what the seventeen-year-old perfectionist wants you to believe, and she works hard to keep up the pretense. Especially now that there are cameras following her for a documentary on Olympic hopefuls. 

When Grant, the charming new student, disrupts her carefully crafted routine, the cracks beneath her perfect façade begin to rise to the surface and despite Trevor's objections to their friendship, she can't stay away from him.

As her connection to Grant pulls her closer to him, the once lighthearted relationship with Trevor takes an intense and dark turn, forcing her into a position in which not only her happiness, but her safety is at stake. Can Sydney learn to let go of everything she is clinging to in order to gain everything she has ever wanted, or will she realize her breaking point too late?

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